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Facebook Displays New Tools for Developing Audience Network Native Ads

Facebook Displays New Tools for Developing Audience Network Native Ads
Advertisers have experienced great success with the natural flow of native ads on the Facebook Audience Network, so it was only natural for the social media leader to create new tools to ease the development and distribution of those native ads. These tools will help marketers conform to the format of native ads, as well as enable publishers and developers to reach more people beyond the bounds of the social network. explained how these tools should naturally fit the needs of those using the Facebook Audience Network.

New Native Advertising Tools
These tools should make it easier than ever to design and deliver native ads on the Facebook Audience Network. These new tools include:

  • New native ad templates that let advertisers select the specifics of their native ads to make the formats fit the context of the user experience. This includes changing the font, ad height, background color, and button border treatment.
  • A new native ad manger tool that handles the responsibilities of ad management to ensure that the highest-performing ads are delivered at the optimal times.
  • An easy-to-use h-scroll custom native template, along with h-scroll support within the native ads manager, to help publishers specify some of their design elements and horizontal scroll images.

Success Stories
Research shows that integrated ads have higher conversion rates than typical display ads because they have a better chance of naturally catching a user’s attention. In addition, pop-up ads and poorly placed ads negatively affect the user experience, which leads to lower interaction with future ads. But native ads naturally complement the user experience and are perceived positively by users, which increases the likelihood of engagement and conversion. Some successes with the Facebook Audience Network have included:

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  • Publishers have seen seven times higher CPMs for native ads than standard banners.
  • The U.S. Navy achieved a 33% higher campaign reach through the use of Facebook Audience Network ads.
  • Rosetta Stone saw a 40% decrease in the cost per impression and reached people who were 30% more likely to buy the app.
  • Fiksu reported that users were responsible for 20 times more revenue when they installed their e-commerce apps from the Facebook Audience Network ads than from other display network ads.

With these new native advertising tools, the Facebook Audience Network should naturally be more user friendly than ever.

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