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Geico’s New Unskippable Online Ads

Geico is giving must-see TV a whole new meaning with its new unskippable online ads. For people who tend to close out commercial clips without viewing them, they’ll need to skip that idea because Geico’s latest digital ads are literally over before they can be overlooked. offered a look at how the insurance company is insuring that its online advertising is seen.

Geico’s new online ads are more than silly spots; they’re actually clever commercials that may end marketers’ digital dilemma of people opting out of online ads. This online advertising campaign is the first of its kind in digital marketing and may give marketers the last laugh by making their commercial clips unskippable.

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The company is well aware that today’s fast-paced digital marketing environment demands getting users’ attention in the first five seconds. That’s why they developed these savvy spots that hit viewers over the head with a quick message before they can hit “close.”

Take a quick peek at these must-watch ads that may become a new must in digital marketing.

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