Immortalized in pop culture: The #@*!#*! office copier turns 50

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(CNN) — It may be the most iconic piece of office equipment of the past half-century.

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It has saved workers countless hours, spit out forests worth of documents, been cursed by anyone who’s faced a paper jam on deadline and been used by office pranksters to copy body parts.

It’s been immortalized in pop culture by Rob Schneider’s “Saturday Night Live” skits — “Ran-dyyy! The Rand-man! Randatollah! Making copies!” — and by the secretaries of “Mad Men,” who greet the 1962 arrival of the exotic new machine like a curiosity from another planet.

It’s that aging plow horse of the workplace — the much-used, much-maligned office copier, and it’s 50 years old.

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