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In Bid to Go Global, Cadillac Shifts Advertising Dollars to Digital

Demonstrating the power of digital marketing, Cadillac has shifted 25 percent of its ad spend into online channels as the GM brand strives to leverage digital advertising to build its global presence around its ATS sedan. Considering that 95 percent of global luxury car sales consist of models made outside the U.S., the American brand hopes that digital advertising will provide them with greater global reach in order to gain a larger share of the world market. reported on how Cadillac is taking a digital advertising direction in an effort to establish the American luxury brand as an elite choice for the world’s discriminating drivers.

The Cadillac ATS is the focus of the brand’s digital advertising campaign. The vehicle is being promoted through a series of online videos that debuted during the Olympics this summer. The videos feature the Cadillac ATS being smoothly driven along the rugged terrain of Morocco, Monaco, Patagonia, and China. The film footage was edited into visually stunning online videos, as well as TV advertising.

Cadillac realizes that buying TV advertising placements in numerous global markets would be extremely expensive and wildly inefficient given their marginal market share, so the American brand hopes that these online videos will convey their luxuriously sporty appeal to a wider range of global audiences.

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To maximize the reach of their digital efforts, Cadillac has embarked on a unique marketing partnership with Microsoft. The global launch of Windows 8 includes this Cadillac content embedded within the operating system on more than 60 devices, including PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and Xbox. In addition, Cadillac is utilizing advanced targeting technology to pinpoint the people most likely to be shopping for luxury cars. For instance, they are using this technology to serve ads to audiences that have recently visited their website.

Cadillac’s sharp turn toward digital advertising marks a major change in marketing for the American brand. In fact, Cadillac originally used TV advertising during this year’s Super Bowl to launch its ATS model. While that TV ad became the Super Bowl’s most-watched commercial, the luxury automaker has decided not to advertise in next year’s game given the enormous expense. Instead, the luxury brand is directing its dollars toward digital advertising in an effort to reach a larger global audience and establish Cadillac as one of the world’s best.

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