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Love 15: The Most-Viral Tennis Ads Ever

The Wimbledon tennis tournament has come and gone, but let’s keep the excitement in the air by looking back at the most-shared tennis ads in history. The stars of the court always seem game to endorse particular brands and products, with Roger Federer topping the list for number of ad appearances, closely trailed by Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. Not surprisingly, sports marketers take full advantage of their willingness to go to great lengths to make an impact on audiences. From their riveting action scenes to questionable stunt maneuvers, Unruly Media has compiled the following 15 ads that have captured our attention and inspired viewers to take them viral.

At MDG, our 360° marketing approach uses just the right mix of traditional and online media to reach your sports marketing goals. While some industries may fare better on TV and others online, we strive to create a balanced approach where digital and traditional marketing efforts support each other and your message is tailored to the medium.

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