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Old Spice Gives Its Ad Campaign A Fresh Spin

With football season in the air, it smells like Procter & Gamble is ready to air a new ad campaign for Old Spice. In the new ad campaign called “Smellmitment,” the long-time official NFL sponsor is uniting its two iconic brand spokesmen, Terry Crews and Isaiah Mustafa, for the very first time. featured more on the new advertising campaign that should give Old Spice a new edge.

The Fan-Favorite Stars and Scents
Crews and Mustafa are more than mere spokesmen for the brand. These former NFL players portrayed popular eccentric characters in their prior ads for the brand. Their distinctive characters were named for specific Old Spice scents. The three “scents” they played are among the brand’s most popular. Crews and Mustafa have been credited with breathing new life into the brand and introducing it to a younger audience.

A Fresh Football Rivalry
The new ads will continue Old Spice’s tradition of comical campaigns by asking the men and women who buy the brand to commit to their favorite scent and spokesman in a personal “Smellmitment.” Crews embodies the Bearglove scent with his Bearglove Man, while Mustafa represents the Swagger and Timber scents with his portrayals of Swagger Man and Timber Man.

In the new ads, Mustafa and Crews will argue for scent superiority, while showing how variety is the spice of life, as well as the Old Spice brand.

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The campaign was developed by Wieden+Kennedy and will include TV, print advertising, digital advertising, social media marketing, and POP. The TV advertising effort will feature a series of seven spots throughout the NFL season, with the first having aired during NBC’s Football Hall of Fame Game on August 9.

“The power of scent and smelling fresh and manly helps inspire confidence, and Old Spice’s versatile scent lineup,” said John Sebastian, Old Spice brand director for Procter & Gamble. “Legions of young guys are still trying to figure what kind of men they want to become and Old Spice is always right there as they navigate the seas of manhood.”

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