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Using Emotions To Engage The Environmentally-Friendly

Nearly 25% of shoppers will pay more for a product that gives the emotional satisfaction of contributing to saving the environment, according to a new green advertising study from Omnicom shopper marketing division the Integer Group, and M/A/R/C Research. reports on this study that debunks the idea that younger shoppers are more eco-conscious by revealing that there is a stronger tendency toward environmental responsibility by people age 55 and over.


Breaking News On The Value Of Newspaper Ads

The Center for Media Research reports that newspaper advertising is the leading advertising medium used by consumers in shopping, planning and making purchasing decisions. Data from Frank N. Magid Associates reveals that 52 percent of all adults rely on newspapers to help with their shopping preparation and purchasing decisions, while 72 percent of all adults regularly or occasionally read newspaper preprints, and 90 percent read the newspaper’s Sunday inserts.


Healthcare Marketing Calls For A Healthy Social Media Strategy

While healthcare marketers previously jumped into the world of social media without even thinking about strategy, today’s social landscape demands a more thought-out approach. The enormous benefits of social media have become clear, which is leading pharmaceutical marketers to start incorporating the essential element of strategy setting into their procedures. Unfortunately, they often confuse strategy with planning.


Nonprofits Do Well By Doing Good

The Harris Poll EquiTrend® study evaluates ‘brand equity’ to determine a brand’s overall strength. This year’s study was conducted online among 25,099 U.S. consumers ages 15 and over with a total of 1,273 brands rated in 53 different categories. According to, the survey shows that the nonprofit sector overall had steady improvement in brand equity among consumers since 2007.


Why Insurance Firms Are Spending Billions On Eccentric Ads

The New York Post reports that the insurance industry is embroiled in a major media ad battle, with companies claiming cable networks to pitch their policies. What began with the success of the GEICO gecko has erupted into an endless arsenal of quirky characters inspired by the desire to attract younger customers. As a result, insurance companies have dramatically increased their ad budgets and total industry ad spending reached $5 billion in 2010.

Today, the focus is on reaching prospects in their 20s and 30s who had previously ignored insurance commercials. Companies are targeting this market by advertising during popular televised events, such as the NCAA Finals and the World Series.


MDG Advertising Selected By Edward Mirell

BOCA RATON, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–  May 16, 2011 – Award-winning jeweler, Edward Mirell, has selected MDG Advertising to develop, design, and implement the digital platform for its signature jewelry brand. Distinguished by their use of cutting-edge technology and contemporary metals, Edward Mirell has been repeatedly recognized by the jewelry and titanium industries for its leadership in design, innovative materials, and state-of-the-art manufacturing of contemporary jewelry.

“We’re looking forward to working with such jewelry visionaries, who share our love for the creative process,” states Michael Del Gigante, president and creative director of MDG. “They clearly thrive on pushing the design and manufacturing process to the next level, and now we have the opportunity to develop a website and digital platform that reflects their industry-leading innovation.”


New Metrics For New Media

At the recent Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, metrics was one of the most popular topics. reports that Margaret Francis, Vice President of Product at Lithium, spoke to the crowd about the following four kinds of applied metrics that should be the focus of a metrics program.

1. Perception Of The Brand – It’s important to enhance and uphold your brand’s reputation, visibility and perception. To accomplish this, measure KPIs that inform factors such as potential to purchase and customer satisfaction score.


Digital Deals Link TV, Mobile And Retail reports that consumers now have the ability to tag TV ads to receive coupons for free products on mobile devices redeemable through local stores. IntoNow is using innovative Soundprint technology to tag a television ad and generate a barcode on a viewer’s mobile device. The application identifies the mobile device and only generates one coupon per telephone number. The app currently runs on iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad, but an Android app is expected in the next few months.

Pepsi MAX is the first brand to use this technology to let people press a button in the application while watching their commercial and receive a digital coupon for a free 20-oz. beverage.


Tips for Resolving Resolution Confusion

Image resolution is rarely understood. When the talk turns to dots-per-inch and pixels-per-inch, many turn away because the concept can be quite confusing. Fortunately, explains the idiosyncrasies of images in detail to provide a clearer picture of resolution.

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Boosting Brand Trust Through Paid Search Engine Marketing

Trust remains an issue when trying to connect with consumers through paid search engine marketing ads, according to The Interactive Brand Ecosystem report from Forrester Research. offers insight on how marketers can improve the level of trust in paid search ads appearing alongside or above organic listings in order to convince consumers to click on them.

The brand marketing report states that most interactive marketers don’t view search as a branding channel, even though search marketers know that both organic and paid mediums play a key rode. In order for branding efforts to be effective, trust in paid search, as well as organic listings, must be strengthened.


Infographic: A Graphic Glimpse At Mac People Vs. PC People

It’s a distinction that divides the technological world – the preference for Mac or PC. To illustrate the inherent disparities between the two groups, Hunch created a fascinating infographic that offers an in-depth look into self-professed Mac and PC users. Who is better educated? Which consider themselves to be early adopters? Who is more likely to throw a party? From demographic differences and personality traits, to aesthetic attributes and favorite foods, the following stats and facts will show you the big picture on the two technological teams.


VeriShow Boosts Online Sales With Integrated Live Chat Buttons

Yahoo Finance reports that companies can now drive visitors to make more purchases with simple, live chat buttons integrated into banner and text ads that lead to an immediate sales rep call and accelerated sales. VeriShow, a provider of Live Chat & Multimedia Real-time Collaboration solutions to websites and companies, makes immediate sales help a key element of its system for its ability to simplify the sales process and hasten the purchasing process.


Crafting A Smart Strategy To Build Customer Loyalty

A 2010 Accenture survey revealed that 79% of marketing executives said the most important business issue to address is improving customer retention and loyalty. This may be the result of similar surveys that show consumer expectations are increasing, while consumer satisfaction and loyalty are steadily falling. In response to marketers’ concerns about building and retaining customer loyalty, offers four ways to make your marketing strategy lead to long-term loyalty.

It is vital for marketers to understand what is driving current customer attitudes. It’s not the price factor of previous years, but actually the overall customer experience that affects their ability to trust the company. In fact, research shows that a single bad customer experience has the power to drive a customer away forever. In addition, customers also crave a tailored experience and expect to use multiple technological channels to interact with companies.


MDG Advertising Named National ADDY® Awards Finalist

BOCA RATON, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–  May 12, 2011
MDG Advertising has won three 2011 District ADDY® Awards to become a National ADDY finalist. MDG had advanced to the District ADDYs after being honored with five gold and 16 silver advertising awards at the 2011 American Advertising Federation of Greater Fort Lauderdale ADDY Awards, winning more awards than any other agency.


Study Shows That Men Defy Marketing Stereotypes

Men play a major role in purchasing decisions which goes against current stereotypes, according to the recent “Marketing To Men” survey conducted by research and consulting firm Jacobs Media in response to the trend of media buying demographics moving away from men and toward women. reports that this web-based survey of 13,000 American adults revealed that companies promoting products to a broad market are underestimating the importance of men.


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