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The Path To A More Private Social Networking Experience

The New York Times reports that social networkers can now share their messages, photos and videos with a smaller group of people through a new social networking service called Path. Designed as an alternative for people that don’t want to share everything with every Facebook friend, Path limits friend groups to 50 to allow users to connect with a handful of friends in a private group. Path is one of the new group of social start-ups that includes Frenzy, GroupMe, Rally Up and Bubbla who have turned the desire for privacy into a top social media strategy.


Tupperware Clicks With Social Media

The New York Times reports that Tupperware Brands is heavily increasing its presence on Facebook and Twitter to seek out more buyers and sellers. The company is using these social media marketing tools to launch a campaign called “Chain of Confidence” featuring blog posts, articles, motivational tips, and video clips from accomplished women dubbed “confidence counselors.” An additional Facebook initiative revolves around donating one dollar for each new “like.”


Xerox App Eyes Your Email To Enhance Efficiency

Xerox has released a new desktop application that can sort through your email and calendar to pinpoint your biggest drains on productivity. Adweek reports that this new app, called the “Business of your brain,” was designed as a satirical program to show the inefficiencies of daily work life. This new app is an extension of Xerox’s global marketing campaign launched in September, whose goal is to rebrand the company’s as a provider of business services instead of just a copier company.


The Makings Of A Mobile Search Campaign

Last week, the basic techniques and tactics for running mobile search campaigns were presented by Mike Solomon, VP of marketing strategy at The Search Agency. recently elaborated on his words of Web marketing wisdom.


Uma Thurman Stars In Schweppes Ad Campaign

The Independent reports that Schweppes has selected actress Uma Thurman for a glamorous new advertising campaign. The beverage ads were shot by fashion photographer David LaChapelle in a bold, seductive style.


Take Twitter Into Your Own Hands

When it comes to using Twitter, there are no absolute rights or wrongs. The best way to use Twitter is to do what’s best for you. The recent SES New York event tapped into this topic, and SEOmoz gleaned the following advice on top Twitter tactics from the conference.


The Evolution Of A Consumption Revolution

While the 20th century was characterized by ego-centric consumption, the 21st century has introduced collaborative consumption, which is the rapid explosion in traditional sharing, bartering, lending, trading, renting, gifting and swapping, redefined through the latest technologies and peer communities. The new book, What’s Mine is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption, by Rachel Botsman and Roo Rogers, outlines the rise of this new communal system that is connecting consumers on a global scale. Watch this online video production to see how the spirit of sharing is shifting our thinking, as well as our priorities.

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MDG Spices Up The Takeout Menu For Echo

When Echo ordered a zesty takeout menu to express its resounding Asian cuisine, MDG delivered. The Palm Beach dining destination celebrates the cuisine of China, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam in a sleek, sophisticated style that spans the dishes to the décor. That same fabulous flavor is available through the convenience of Echo’s takeout service. This fusion of appealing elements inspired our fresh design.


TV Industry Seeks New Data And Improved Ad Framework

The television industry is greatly in need of more viewership data, along with the infrastructure for targeted ad delivery and addressable video advertising, according to a recent panel discussion on advertising strategy and analysis. reports on the revelations regarding the future of the television industry and what this means for marketing.


Coverall Video – Dirty Truth

It’s a dirty job, but MDG did it by creating a compelling video for our client, Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System®, a leading franchisor of commercial cleaning businesses. The video exposes the shocking truth about the prevalence of dirt, germs, and viruses in our daily lives.

“The video uses powerful messaging and compelling graphics to capture viewers’ attention in an informative, but also shocking way,” said Jeff Cohen, social media strategist at MDG Advertising. “The beauty of video as a marketing tool is that it transcends the static images of other media to get through to audiences on a deeper level and prompts greater engagement and connection.”


Quick Response Codes Are Catching On Quickly

The Center for Media Research reports that 72 percent of smartphone users said they would be likely to recall an ad with a QR code. For the unfamiliar, this stands for Quick Response code, which is a new technology that uses bar code-like images containing hidden messages that can be accessed by using a smartphone application. This finding is the result of a recent survey of smartphone users conducted by MGH to determine their QR code usage.


Simple Tool To Track Your Local Search Engine Positions

Local Search Rank Checker is a useful resource that lets you check and track your local search engine positions quickly and efficiently. This Web-based tool enables you to easily track your local rankings, view a detailed report, and save the report in your private account. Search Engine Journal recently covered the details of this digital discovery.


MDG Advertising Creates New Television Advertising Campaign for TooJay’s Original Gourmet Deli

MDG Advertising has created a new television advertising campaign for TooJay’s Original Gourmet Deli to promote the vast menu selections at their 25 Florida locations. TooJay’s offers an extensive menu of traditional deli fare, gourmet specialties, comfort food, healthy choices, and decadent desserts, served in a fun, family-friendly, casual dining atmosphere. The new “Channel Surfing” campaign is comprised of a series of 15- and 30-second TV spots inspired by channel surfing, and illustrate TooJay’s high quality-to-value message.

The commercials realistically simulate the experience of channel surfing, with each channel devoted to a specific television genre that seamlessly incorporates TooJay’s specialties into the content of the program. In the TV ads, one channel features a newscaster breathlessly reporting live from the restaurant’s deli counter. The channel suddenly switches to a home shopping network with a chef selling TooJay’s famous Reuben sandwiches. Then the channel switches again to reveal an emotional soap opera scene with an actress holding a plate of fresh-baked rugalach. The channels proceed to scenes that include a weather forecast and press conference, with each scenario incorporating menu items in a humorous and engaging way. The commercials conclude with the emergency-broadcast system screen featuring the TooJay’s logo and website, and then turns black to replicate the television being turned off.


Take A Taste-Drive Of Volkswagen’s Edible Print Ad

Volkswagen ads have been shifting in unconventional directions lately in an attempt to break through cluttered auto marketing. Tim Nudd at Adweek recently wrote about VW South Africa’s newest ad that can actually be eaten. Running in Auto Trader magazine with the apt copy “Eat the Road,” the ad is printed on edible paper with the ingredients listed on the side. The ingredient list looks harmless enough with its glutinous rice flour, water and salt, but then you get to the propylene glycol which the EPA advises avoiding to prevent brain, kidney and liver abnormalities. Perhaps Volkswagen should curb its eccentricity to avoid biting off more than it can chew.


Infographic: Scan The Stats On Mobile Barcodes

Mobile barcodes have been gaining momentum as more and more marketers are looking to click quick with smartphone users. Now that snaptags and QR codes are appearing virtually everywhere, what are the benefits and who do these tools actually benefit? The San Francisco Egotist shared the following infographic which shows the big picture to determine whether barcode marketing is all it’s cracked up to be.


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