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Phantom Fireworks Uses Nook Tablets To Help Customers Preview The Boom

Phantom Fireworks Uses Nook Tablets To Help Customers Preview The Boom
In anticipation of Fourth of July festivities, Phantom Fireworks is letting consumers preview photos and videos of their fireworks offerings on Nook Tablets so they can easily place orders with sales reps. The popular roadside fireworks purveyor is one of the first companies to use the e-readers to streamline its retail operations. explained how these basic tablets could become the sales tools of tomorrow.

“With the Nooks, we have the ability to turn customers onto Phantom products they’ve never experienced or purchased, which is a great thing,” according to a company rep. “It’s always about improving their customer experience in the showrooms.”

Phantom is distributing product videos for the tablets by uploading the footage onto a secure digital (SD) card at the corporate office and shipping them out to the individual showrooms around the country. This will allow every retailer to have the same product information and be able to access it quickly even without a high-speed Internet connection.

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If Phantom has success with using the Nook Tablet as a sales tool, this could spark a trend throughout the retail industry and show that even the most low-tech products can benefit from the latest technology.

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