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QR-Coded Outdoor Advertising Campaign Helps Commuters Plan Dinner

QR-Coded Outdoor Advertising Campaign Helps Commuters Plan Dinner recently debuted a clever outdoor mobile and outdoor advertising campaign in Los Angeles that brought modern QR codes to the traditional family dinner. The “Fix Dinner” campaign featured a QR code next to photos of the website’s most popular recipes in L.A. during the month of May. By scanning the code with a smartphone, users could access the recipe and instantly create a shopping list that could be viewed by phone or through the Dinner Spinner app. reported on the campaign’s appeal to a tech-hungry audience.

The “Fix Dinner” campaign arose from the realization that online traffic to soared at the end of each workday, which coincided with users’ dinner decisions. In fact, the idea for the month-long advertising campaign was conceived by Lisa Sharples, president of Allrecipes, as she waited at a bus stop deciding what to make for dinner after a long day at work.

Now, Allrecipes is closely monitoring the results of their outdoor advertising campaign to see whether QR codes feed the needs of the contemporary consumer.

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