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Taking a Good Cause and Running With It

Taking a Good Cause and Running With It

Once again, the Nike Foundation is flexing its marketing muscle by serving as a champion for a better world. Nike Foundation is giving girls a sporting chance with its worthwhile cause, Girl Effect. This initiative is devoted to providing adolescent girls with a better education in an effort to improve their lives, help their families and contribute to ending poverty in their communities. “It’s a prime example of the way smart brands like Nike take a good cause and run with it,” says Michael Del Gigante, president and creative director at MDG Advertising.

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New York Times By Stuart Elliott
Published: November 10, 20

FIFTEEN years ago, Nike made a splash with an advertising campaign known as “If you let me play.” The ads drew considerable attention — and praise — because they advocated the benefits for girls and young women of participating in sports. Today, Nike’s foundation is taking to heart the concept of “girl power” that was embodied by the campaign, but now it is education, rather than sports, that is being celebrated for its transformative abilities. With an effort known as the Girl Effect, the Nike Foundation — supported by Nike and the NoVo Foundation — is trying to raise up adolescent girls in poverty-plagued, developing regions of the world.


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