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360° Arts & Entertainment Marketing

Surround them with the experience before they get there.

360° Arts & Entertainment Marketing
Music & Art Festival
Client: Centre for the Arts at Mizner Park

Much like the arts and entertainment industry, advertising is about creating experiences. That’s why we focus on the pleasure of participation, the exhilaration of learning, and the gratification of involvement when addressing the arts and entertainment audience. Whether the goal is awareness, attendance, membership, or fundraising, our long history of promoting cultural attractions and charitable associations has taught us that connecting with people on an emotional level produces the greatest results.

To establish these connections, we dig deep into the minds and motivations of your audience. Then we apply this understanding to the most effective forms of communication. Our 360° approach combines the traditional and the new, the physical and the virtual, to create a multi-channel marketing program that will reach your audience in a variety of ways—all of them carefully planned, well executed and meticulously monitored, to motivate the desired response at every turn.

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