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360° Franchise Marketing

Get it right from every angle.

360° Franchise Marketing
Franchise Sales Campaign
Client: Coverall of North America

To successfully market your franchise, MDG takes an integrated approach that totally surrounds your prospects with your message. From branding strategies to marketing plans, from traditional media like broadcast and print, to interactive, social media and beyond, MDG will help you develop a well-coordinated, multi-media approach that will sway your prospects at every point of the decision-making process. 

For franchises, that process typically begins with lead generation. Potential franchisees rely heavily on online research to make their purchase decisions. We’ll help you manage every aspect of your online presence, including virtual tracking of your results. That means every phone call, every email, every website visit, and every conversion can be effectively traced and measured.

What’s a franchise without customers?

We develop a brand platform that resonates not only with potential franchisees, but also with potential consumers. We analyze the competitive landscape thoroughly so we can develop unique campaigns and marketing plans that will engage your customers at every touch point and lead them through a well-defined decision funnel. From local search strategies to national campaigns to marketing requisition systems, we provide the tools you need to succeed.

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