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360° Non-Profit Marketing

Squeezing big results from smaller budgets.

360° Non-Profit Marketing
Branding Campaign
Client: FoundCare

Being a non-profit doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expect big results from your advertising. At MDG, we’ll commit the resources necessary to help you reach your goals—whether you’re looking for help with ticket sales, brand management, or fundraising.

Our 360° approach to advertising effectively utilizes every tool available to make the most of whatever budget you have available. By precisely pinpointing prospects and learning what makes them tick, we can surround them with the appropriate message, delivered via traditional media, by online avenues such as social media, or through street-smart guerilla marketing tactics.

From strategic thinking that utilizes every dollar, to cost-efficient design and creative executions, from media placement that delivers the biggest bang for your buck, to a production bidding process that ensures competitive prices, MDG will make the most of every ad dollar you spend. So even though you may not have a big budget, you’ll appear bigger to those you most need to reach


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