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Social Media

Build a lasting relationship with your customers.

Social Media
Twitter Page Design
Client: South Florida Fair

Social media is about building relationships. For your business or brand, you now have an unprecedented opportunity to open up a two-way dialogue with your customers never before possible on this scale. It's a relationship in which customers not only listen to your message, but also contribute and, ideally, become your brand ambassadors. It's a relationship in which you can finally listen to your customers, engage, and interact.

That’s why MDG’s 360° approach to social media provides an integrated strategy that first analyzes all aspects of your marketing and advertising to develop a well-planned, well-coordinated initiative. From social media identity and branding to content strategy, implementation, management and monitoring, we’ll develop a full-scale social media program that will leverage your existing customer base, and grow your audience.

This coordinated approach creates a cycle of top-of-mind marketing. It’s a process that continually keeps your brand front and center in the prospect’s mind. It starts with a foundation of genuinely useful and interesting content, continued through interactivity and optimized conversion techniques and reinforced with growth-targeted advertising. In this way, you build a truly loyal customer base while achieving maximum impact on the decision-making process of prospective customers.

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