Vice President of Operations

Janeen DePinto

As MDG’s vice president of operations, Janeen takes the role of partnership-building seriously. She firmly believes that maintaining close contact with our clients is the most important part of her job. She also pays equal attention to her relationships inside MDG, understanding that these internal partnerships are integral to ensuring a higher level of collaboration.

Of course, this isn’t surprising for someone who earned a bachelor of science in marketing while minoring in behavioral sciences at Bentley University. In the 20 years since she graduated, Janeen has continuously worked in marketing and advertising, applying everything she learned in school and on her way up the account-service ladder.

At MDG, Janeen has taken on a greater traffic and operations role as she continues to strengthen her partnerships with our staff and clients. At one point or another, Janeen has worked closely with just about every client on MDG’s roster, including The Breakers, MDVIP, and MD Now.