Front-End Web Developer

Technical skills:

  • Has experience in digital marketing
  • Implements SEO best practices
  • A working knowledge of HTML, CSS, CSS preprocessors (LESS and SASS), native JavaScript, jQuery, and MySQL/MariaDB
  • Experience working with modern HTML5 and CSS3-specific features; implements fallbacks for features unavailable in older browsers and on older devices
  • Ability to transform static designs from Photoshop, Sketch, and Zeplin to responsive HTML5 web pages
  • Experience with React JS, Angular, Node.js, and XSL are a plus
  • Expertise in developing and optimizing the Document Object Model and CSS layout, render-tree construction (HTML parsing, paint, rendering, and compositing)
  • Experience in developing and maintaining custom and requirements-driven WordPress themes and plugins from scratch. Has familiarity of core WordPress classes and functions. Does not depend on third-party themes/child themes and plugins to develop WordPress websites. Experience with WordPress multisite is a plus.
  • Working with Git version control
  • Utilizes both object oriented programming (OOP) and functional programming
  • Familiarity with profiling code execution, both server-side (using tools such as Xdebug) and client-side (using tools such as Google Searchlight and Runtime Performance audit in DevTools)
  • Experience using third-party profiling tools, including Google PageSpeed Insights and Pingdom, to optimize website performance, and understands how to implement recommendations from these tools
  • Experience working in Scrum and other agile development methodologies
  • Experience with package managers (Composer, NPM)
  • Implement design models and queries to meet the functional requirements of custom web applications
  • Ensures code rigidity and compatibility by testing all use cases (and includes edge cases into function design) and ensures code accuracy in QA. Applies to designed web pages (responsive layouts and cross-browser/device testing), front-end code, and back-end code
  • Ability to work in both Linux/Mac and Windows environments (dedicated environments or virtual machines)
  • Experience integrating and developing custom Google Maps experiences
  • Knowledge about browser inconsistencies and optimizes front-end code across different browsers and devices
  • Maintains and modifies legacy codebases
  • Experience implementing maintaining tags via Google Tag Manager; has the ability to create custom variables and triggers and write custom JavaScript in cases where tag templates are not available
  • Experience with third-party JavaScript chart libraries (Highcharts) is a plus
  • Experience creating custom icon libraries from vector paths in addition to utilizing third-party font libraries (Font Awesome)
  • Experience interfacing and developing web applications with JavaScript and server-side (PHP) client libraries/APIs/SDKs (RESTful and SOAP)
  • Experience developing with website building services (Squarespace, Wix, Duda) is a plus
  • Experiencing developing from-scratch, cross-client responsive email templates

Professional skills:

  • Contributes to all phases of the development cycle, including project estimation
  • Provides peer-level review of strategy and code
  • Able to work independently and in small teams
  • Communicates and reports on the status and requirements with other teams (in-house and remote)
  • Mentors, educates, and motivates junior team members
  • Adheres and contributes to standards, automations, and best practices
  • Manages tradeoffs between development speed and quality
  • Possesses strong communication, presentation, and documentation skills
  • Proficient in writing and speaking English
  • Ensures all deliverables meet all requirements and are developed with established quality standards
  • Able to multitask between multiple projects and prioritize accordingly
  • Ensures project deadlines are met; communicates when obstacles prevent delivery on time
  • Has a data-driven approach to testing and implementing improvements
  • Experience with generating reports from different platforms to satisfy client requests

Soft skills:

  • Has a collaborative and open-minded personality
  • Provides and accepts constructive feedback to improve the quality of products
  • Open-minded; willing to seek the opinions and inputs of others before providing a deliverable
  • Possesses an innovative, inventive, creative, logical, and analytical mindset

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