Technical Solution Architect

Job Description

MDG Advertising is seeking a motivated, talented, and experienced Web Software Engineer (Technical Solution Architect) who has a passion for developing revolutionary and best-in-class enterprise-level web-based solutions for our clients.

The ideal candidate has a track record of leading the technical execution of enterprise-level web-based projects from inception to deployment, with an extensive web-development, DevOps, and software-architecture background.

This position is full-time and we are hiring both local and remote candidates.


  • Master’s (preferred) or bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, or related field/equivalent experience is required
  • Minimum of 10 years experience in delivering technological solutions via software and web development, technical architecture, database management, and project management is required


  • Reports to the Director of Digital Operations
  • Leads the systems development life-cycle, from initial concept through architecture, development, and implementation to maintenance and documentation
  • Proactively analyzes and recommends technical and structural improvements for software architecture, web technologies, and web security
  • Works as a part of the technical team that architects, implements, deploys, and maintains scalable, full-stack websites and web-based applications
  • Envisions, develops, maintains, and communicates technical roadmaps, technical solutions, and product features to project stakeholders
  • Defines standards and patterns to guide architecture solutions
  • Mentors development team members to align implementation quality and efficiency to software architecture and business goals
  • Guides development team members on technical implementations of software architecture
  • Researches and presents the business potential of emerging technologies, new development methodologies, and industry trends, which could result in groundbreaking digital transformation
  • Translates digital business strategies into software architecture and solutions through interdepartmental collaboration
  • Develops code, scripts, extracts, automations, and other mechanisms to solve for repeatable tasks
  • Performs code reviews and suggests automations and unit testing to validate implementation and software design patterns against architecture and use-case scenarios

Technical Requirements

  • Has experience developing multi-location, enterprise-level, and platform-driven websites
  • Is able to transform static designs from Photoshop, Sketch, and Adobe XD to fully-responsive HTML5 web pages with high fidelity to the original designs
  • Has mastery in programming in native front-end web languages, including HTML5, CSS3, and native JavaScript and has familiarity with implementing fallbacks for features unavailable in older browsers and on older devices
  • Has mastery in jQuery
  • Has mastery in CSS preprocessors, including both LESS and SASS
  • Has experience implementing the MVC software design pattern through frameworks
  • Has experience developing websites and software applications on both LAMP and LEMP stacks
  • Has experience in developing and maintaining custom and requirements-driven WordPress themes and plugins from-scratch
  • Has familiarity with core WordPress classes and functions. Does not depend on third-party themes/child themes and plugins to develop WordPress websites. Also, has experience with WordPress multisite
  • Has experience with software engineering best practices, including version control through Git, CI/CD automations, and unit testing
  • Has experience interfacing and developing web applications with JavaScript and server-side (PHP) client libraries/APIs/SDKs (RESTful and SOAP-based)
  • Has experience with server-side code profiling (using tools such as Xdebug) and website page speed auditing (using tools such as Pingdom, Page Speed Insights, and Google Lighthouse) and optimization
  • Has experience with secure coding principles and best practices for web applications; familiar with and implements measures against security vulnerabilities such as XSS
  • Has experience working with package managers, including Composer and NPM
  • Has DevOps experience; has experience setting up and maintaining servers with LAMP and LEMP stacks; dedicated and virtual servers (notably Red Hat, CentOS, and Ubuntu distributions); with and without cPanel/WHM
  • Has experience specifying and implementing database architecture; implements test-driven queries to validate functional requirements of software architecture
  • Has experience with maintaining and querying from MySQL and MariaDB database servers; employs database query performance and optimization techniques
  • Has experience in digital marketing
  • Has experience working with marketing platforms including Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, and Google Search Console

Characteristics and Competencies

  • Describes complex problems and solutions to stakeholders in layman’s terms; has the ability to communicate clearly with non-technical stakeholders
  • Is proficient in verbal and written English communication
  • Practically approaches critical problem solving and decision making; recognizes that solutions are not always clear-cut, requiring pragmatic decision making
  • Makes timely choices based on changes in priorities, circumstances, and direction
  • Effectively multi-tasks and manages multiple projects concurrently in a time-sensitive work environment
  • Demonstrates very strong problem-solving skills, including troubleshooting, analysis, and reverse engineering
  • Has the confidence to troubleshoot and resolve issues in a production environment with minimal impact to traffic
  • Has strong organizational, prioritization, and documentation skills
  • Possesses exceptional attention to detail
  • Is quality-, customer service-, continuous-improvement-, and innovation-driven
  • Is self-motivated, proactive, and resourceful team player who is willing to go above and beyond to help others; recognizes team contributions and achievements
  • Is confident, yet humble
  • Has a positive, professional attitude and maintains effective working relationships interdepartmentally and with stakeholders
  • Is highly collaborative and engaged in learning from others, both within and outside the organization

Bonus Expertise

  • Has a working knowledge of machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms and implementations
  • Has experience in the healthcare industry; develops compliant solutions surrounding data security and data privacy (HIPAA and PHI)
  • Develops PCI-compliant solutions
  • Has a working knowledge of SEO best practices
  • Has experience developing with eCommerce platforms (Magento)
  • Has familiarity with writing custom or framework-driven RESTful APIs
  • Has familiarity with Amazon S3 and AWS

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