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A Marketer's Guide to the Empowered Healthcare Consumer
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These key digital trends will net you solid results.

A lot has changed in digital marketing since the onset of 2015. But there’s no reason to let these major shifts overwhelm you. "Everything You Need to Know About 2015’s Digital Marketing Trends, Simplified" breaks down the ones you need to know about into easily digestible nuggets that will supercharge your next marketing plan.

Here’s what you’ll learn:
E-Book: Everything You Need to Know About 2015's Digital Marketing Trends
  • Which surprising new audience is quickly gaining traction on Pinterest
  • What forward-thinking ad formats will help you garner greater results
  • Why a simple format change could net you a 9x higher click-through rate on Snapchat
  • Which tried-and-true content type marketers are increasingly using
  • How to effectively incorporate the latest user trend on Facebook
  • Which type of apps you can’t afford to ignore, particularly if you hope to reach a younger audience
  • What major change by social networks will help you turn engagement into purchases
  • The future trends you should watch now for major implications on your next marketing strategy

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