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4 Steps to Unlocking
the Real Power of
Marketing Personalization

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Why you need to take personalization more personally.

For most marketers, personalization efforts are limited to using the customer’s first name in an email. For real results, that’s not nearly enough. By gaining a better understanding of customer behavior, and tailoring your communications accordingly, you can double email open rates and actually triple the number of click-throughs. It’s as simple as following our four, client-proven personalization steps.

We’ll show you how in “4 Steps to Unlocking the Real Power of Marketing Personalization,” MDG’s complimentary new e-book. You’ll learn:
4 Steps to Unlocking the Real Power of Marketing Personalization
  • What you’re doing wrong and why it frustrates your customers
  • How to tailor communications to give them what they really want
  • Simple tactics to get up to 3X more click-throughs
  • Specifics on the right data to gather & how to go about it
  • Ways to gain your customers’ trust & why this is so important
  • Where to draw the line between personal and creepy (as in too much information)

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