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A Marketer's Guide to the Empowered Healthcare Consumer
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These rock solid principles will take your CRO strategy from good to great.

No matter how you define CRO success, whether it’s leads, inquiries, sales or another metric, this insightful e-book will deliver quantifiable improvements in your results. By building on the four simple cornerstones the e-book illustrates, you’ll have a simple blueprint for more effective optimization—no matter how complex your CRO efforts become.

You’ll learn CRO tactics like:
E-book: A Marketer's Guide to the Empowered Healthcare Consumer
  • How to direct your visitors to take specific actions
  • A time-proven method that helps you quickly build a more effective site
  • Why too much data can be worse than not enough and what data really matters
  • How to dissect the users’ decision making process to pinpoint your site’s key influencers
  • What crucial step you’re likely to overlook in the optimization process
  • Why understanding what doesn’t work is as important as understanding what does
  • How to not only attract traffic, but direct it in support your business goals

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