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A Structured Approach to Brand Strategy and Building a Great Brand

A clear identity is absolutely essential for every brand. It’s impossible to consistently connect with consumers and grow a business without defining your promise, values, and presentation.

How can your organization construct this foundation for success? At MDG, we believe that great brands are built on a single idea.

While your brand may have many positive attributes, one must be identified as the lead strength. This essential idea informs everything; it cuts through the clutter and helps you stand out in the marketplace.

We’re experts in helping a business uncover its core proposition. Through a structured approach, we’ll establish your strengths, pinpoint the needs of your audiences, determine what sets you apart from your competition, and identify what makes your brand exceptional.

From there, we’ll build an entire brand structure, including an overarching narrative and architecture, as well as specific voice, design, and governance guidelines.

Our process is well defined and collaborative. Together, we’ll create a unique and compelling brand platform that will resonate with consumers and position you for long-term growth.

Building a clear brand identity requires a clear process. Our step-by-step approach starts with research and analysis, then moves to defining the core idea, voice, and architecture. After that comes design exploration/refinement, guidelines, assets, and activation.

Every brand engagement is unique. Depending on your specific needs, we’ll create a tailored plan to enhance and grow your brand.

Step One: Research and Analysis

Before defining your brand, we’ll step back and take an in-depth look at what the needs of your audiences are, what your competitors are doing, and what will make your offerings stand out.

  • Audience analysis: Identify the needs of target audiences and approaches for higher engagement.
  • Competitive analysis: Examine what your competitors are doing in the marketplace and where there are missed opportunities.
  • Brand analysis: Examine your current strengths and weaknesses and pinpoint what differentiates your offerings.

Step Two: The Brand Idea

After research and analysis comes the Big Idea phase. Here, we’ll construct an overarching narrative and define the pillars, personality, and architecture of your brand.

  • Brand narrative: Identify a core, cohesive story that will serve as the foundation for all marketing efforts and communications.
  • Brand pillars: Define the fundamental values and beliefs that underpin what your brand stands for.
  • Brand personality: Establish the specific traits that will guide your brand’s tone and voice across all platforms.
  • Brand architecture: Outline a clear strategy for how future growth and sub-brands will be handled within the overarching brand.

Step Three: Identity Design

Once the foundation is laid with a clear brand narrative and architecture, we’ll delve into the details of design, and work collaboratively with you to explore/refine ideas.

  • Design strategy: Use the strategic platform to establish creative territories and set the stage for exploration.
  • Design exploration: Present distinct design options for your visual identity, including core brand assets and potential applications.
  • Design refinement: Refine the selected identity direction and modify based on your feedback.

Step Four: Brand Governance

Brands aren’t static; they’re constantly evolving and changing. Shared assets and clear guidelines are necessary to keep your branding consistent over time.

  • Guidelines document: Introduce the brand purpose, personality, and architecture; present how brand assets should be utilized, and show examples of the brand in use.
  • Brand asset package: Create an inventory of core brand assets in multiple file formats for various-use cases (print, digital, etc.).
  • Online brand hub: Develop a succinct digital version of the guidelines, which serves as a central resource hub for all brand assets.

Step Five: Activation

Even the best branding is meaningless if it isn’t implemented well. As a full-service marketing and advertising agency, MDG has the skills, resources, and experience needed to help you activate your brand across all formats and media, including traditional, digital, social, and PR.

Let’s Build a Great Brand Together

We understand how important branding is to your business. With the right agency partner, you can identify an approach that clearly differentiates your offerings, engages consumers, and positions you for continued growth.

At MDG, our rich expertise, collaborative process, and structured methods ensure that your brand identity will be truly exceptional.

Learn more about the art of partnership and how we help businesses build great brands.

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