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Email is the secret weapon of digital marketing. While new platforms and formats get the most attention, this longtime workhorse quietly delivers impressive engagement, consistently and cost efficiently.

From newsletters that keep customers up to date with your products/services and industry insights, to sales prospecting outreaches and triggered response messages based on user interactions, email can be a versatile, timely, trackable, and highly effective channel.

However, email marketing isn’t easy. To create compelling messages, it takes a combination of art (good copy and design) and science (savvy list building, segmentation, and testing).

At MDG, we have the complete range of expertise needed to ensure that your email campaigns reach the right audiences and spur people to take action.

Our specialists can do it all, from strategizing about how email should fit into your integrated marketing approach, to building, managing, and segmenting email lists, developing structured campaigns, designing mobile-optimized messages, writing engaging copy, and testing different approaches.

Our goal is to produce impressive and measurable results through partnership. We pair our experts with your team to create smart, innovative campaigns that deliver an exceptional return on your email marketing investment.

Successful email marketing requires a wide range of competencies. As a full-service agency, MDG has the depth and breadth of skills needed to deliver best-in-class campaigns. Some of our many capabilities include:

  • Email list building: The foundation of email success is the quality of the list; if your messaging isn’t reaching receptive audiences then it’s sure to fall flat, no matter how good it is. We help you build high-quality lists comprised of the groups you value most.
  • List management and segmentation: Building a good list isn’t enough; you also have to ensure that it’s kept up to date (free from abandoned email accounts, unsubscribes, etc.) and that it’s segmented so that the right messages reach the right people. We continually manage your lists so that they’re current and targeted.
  • Email design and development: Creating the right message format is a delicate balance—you want to stand out from the crowd while also staying true to what consumers want. When developing and designing your campaigns/templates, we combine creativity and best practices to ensure that your offerings are professional and original.
  • Mobile optimization/responsive design: We increasingly live in a mobile-first world. The majority of email messages are now opened on smartphones/tablets, and this share is steadily increasing. We build emails that are mobile optimized, responsive, and engage consumers no matter which devices they’re using.
  • A/B testing: Which subject line is better? Is there a particular call-to-action that’s especially compelling? One of the great things about email marketing is that you can find out. We’re experienced in using A/B testing to send versions of emails to specific list segments, enabling us to see which approaches work best.
  • Email campaign and message creation: Not all emails are the same. Some stand on their own and some are part of a sequence, some are informative, and some are intended to encourage immediate action. At MDG, we’re skilled in creating every sort of campaign, including:
    • Email newsletters: Regular updates to subscribers about your products/services, company news, and insights from your experts.
    • Promotional/service emails: Messages that serve a specific purpose, such as highlighting a sale or confirming an order.
    • Drip campaigns: A series of emails with a predetermined sequence and timing that leads the recipient toward action.
    • Triggered email campaigns: Messages that are delivered based on a specific action or event, such as abandoning an online shopping cart.
    • Re-engagement campaigns: Emails that seek to connect with dormant subscribers via outreach and targeted offers.
  • Measurement and analysis: Consistent email marketing effectiveness is all about refinement; only by constantly examining what is and what isn’t working can you optimize performance. We track every campaign and create custom dashboards so that results are clear and measurable.

Ready to get started on your email marketing and strategy?

Email marketing success comes down to finding a partner with a combination of strategic, creative, and technical expertise. At MDG, our specialists have the right mix of skills and experience needed to help your brand get the most out of its email marketing spend.

Learn more about the art of partnership and how our approach to email marketing helps brands achieve their goals.

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