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A Social Approach to Social Media Marketing

Social networks are unprecedented audience engagement and advertising platforms. With the right social tools and approaches, it’s possible to reach target groups more precisely and efficiently than ever before.

How can your brand make the most of this powerful opportunity to connect with consumers? The answer is simple: we believe the key to social media success is partnership.

At MDG, we work closely with our clients to establish, maintain, and monitor a compelling social media presence. We start by digging deep into your brand attributes and objectives to determine how they map to consumer behavior. From there, our experienced specialists work with your team to develop a well-defined, unified plan for engaging your target audiences, managing your brand’s reputation, and servicing your customers on social media.

Our goal is to help you achieve the highest possible return on every dollar invested in social media marketing.

We view our team as an extension of your internal staff. Our experts are here to provide expertise and bandwidth as needed so that your brand can execute on the multitude of complex tasks involved in a successful social media strategy.

By partnering with MDG, you get both day-to-day support and high-level strategic guidance. Our constant focus on social media keeps us at the forefront of the latest trends. We combine tried-and-true tactics with fresh approaches to ensure that your brand is represented on social networks in the most current and compelling ways possible.

From creating a strategy to delivering campaigns and monitoring results, MDG has the full range of expertise needed to help you succeed on social media.

By partnering with MDG for your social media marketing, your brand gains:

How do I choose the best Social Media agency? Expertise and experience

Our team has expertise across a range of social areas, including strategy, execution, and measurement. With MDG, your brand benefits from access to talented specialists who understand every detail of social media marketing. And, as a full-service agency, we have experts in an array of related marketing fields—including creative development, media buying, and branding—who work in tandem with our social team to execute campaigns.

Moreover, as an already established representative for a wide range of brands, MDG has strong relationships with all of the major social platforms, including Facebook, Google, and Twitter. This experience and credibility gives our clients access to the best rates, as well as to  the newest features and technology.

Flexibility and Efficiency

While your internal staff may be equipped to handle routine social media posts and functions, what happens when you have to run a bigger campaign or have an urgent, unanticipated need?

With MDG, you get the flexibility to engage on an as-needed basis. We follow the ebbs and flows of your brand’s schedule, stepping in to help as much or as little as necessary. Our social team delivers focused effort when you need it most and ensures that you avoid unnecessary spend. This efficiency means that every dollar you devote to social media is productive and contributes to the bottom line.

Management and Monitoring

Two often-overlooked aspects of social media marketing are customer service and reputation management.

Increasingly, consumers use social platforms to contact brands and talk about brands. Our team is equipped to deal with this ever-growing river of messages, comments, and reviews. We step in quickly to respond to questions, ask for details, and flag inappropriate content if necessary.

Through 24/7 social monitoring and management, our experts handle minor problems on social media before they become major concerns. We’re also there to deal with a crisis if necessary. By being constantly vigilant on social media, we ensure that your brand’s valuable reputation is protected.

Measurable Results

Creating a social media strategy and executing on it are only half the battle. To truly maximize the effectiveness of your spend, you need to be able to measure results.

Our experts will set up an analytics approach and monitor metrics so we can make social success a regular occurrence for your brand. The MDG team will watch post engagement, capture lead data, and track ad performance so we can tie spend to revenue. We employ every tracking method available, which allows us to continually optimize performance and deliver the maximum return on your social media investment.

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With social media becoming more and more central to the lives of consumers, it’s becoming increasingly important for brands to have the right agency partner. At MDG, our combination of expertise, experience, and dedication ensure that you get the most out of your social spend.

Learn more about the art of partnership and how our social approach to social media helps brands connect with consumers.

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