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Marketing strategies for financial services companies

For financial services companies the future isn’t coming—it’s already here. The rise of new devices and platforms is fundamentally transforming consumer behavior, from the approaches people take in selecting financial products to how they pay.

The best way to keep pace with these shifts is to develop a strong brand-agency partnership. At MDG we work hand-in-hand with our financial services clients to develop the right marketing and advertising approaches for this highly competitive and rapidly changing environment.

From branding and creative development, to media, digital, and social services, MDG has the full range of expertise needed to accomplish your marketing goals. Our specialists give your financial services brand the staff and know-how necessary to keep up with the latest technologies.

Our goal is to help you turn financial consumers into financial customers, and customers into lifelong relationships. For each client, we develop a unique strategy and media mix to accomplish these goals and to serve their audiences’ specific needs.

Of course, working with an agency should be a sound financial decision. That’s why we’re focused on metrics and measurement. Through consistent analysis and adjustment, we work to ensure that your marketing spend produces the highest possible return on investment.

The financial services field is unique. That’s why you need an experienced, forward-thinking, marketing partner who’s committed to delivering results.

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Start the conversation

MDG has a long history of working in financial marketing and financial advertising. This means we begin each client engagement with a strong understanding of the vertical, and it helps us tackle common questions such as:

What are the best marketing strategies for financial services companies? Do you have a marketing-plan template for financial services companies?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to financial services marketing because each brand’s audiences have highly specific needs. That’s why every firm requires its own strategy and media mix.

The very nature of the financial services vertical—that it deals with money—means that consumers often pay close attention to messaging and carefully research options. If you do not cater to individuals’ communication and media preferences, your brand messaging will not resonate.

Similarly, existing customers at financial services firms have unique needs. Strengthening these bonds requires targeted approaches such as customized messaging and highly relevant offers.

We always start by looking at each brand’s specific audience needs. That approach lays the foundation for delivering the most effective and efficient financial services marketing and advertising.

What’s the right marketing mix for my financial services company? How much should I be focusing on digital channels?

As with every other vertical, changes in consumer behavior are transforming financial services marketing.

While it’s not necessary to worry about every new device and emerging social network, it is important to ensure that your marketing and advertising approaches account for major shifts in the landscape.

For example, take mobile. Thanks to smartphones, consumers are accessing financial information, services, and products in much different ways than in the past. That’s why optimizing for the constraints of smaller screens is a major focus at MDG. We’ve worked with many clients to develop products and advertising solutions that are mobile-first and make the most of these devices’ unique capabilities.

Another example is the rise of video. Some 73% of consumers say they’re more likely to purchase or take action after viewing branded video content. This format is rapidly becoming a powerful tool for financial marketers—especially those looking to reach younger audiences.

The rise of these new content types and devices doesn’t mean that traditional media no longer matters. Rather, it means that consumer behavior is becoming more varied and complex, and that each firm needs a tailored, flexible media mix to reach its specific target audiences.

What about ROI? Is it possible to know if I’m getting a good return on my financial marketing spend?

The impact of your marketing spend shouldn’t be a mystery. With proper setup and attention to detail, it’s possible to know if your financial marketing and financial advertising budget is being spent effectively and efficiently.

MDG’s robust data analytics enable us to easily track individual marketing efforts and measure real-time results. We’ll know exactly which of your marketing efforts are producing the desired reactions and which require timely adjustments in order to perform better.

The bottom line

MDG is a full-service financial services marketing agency and financial advertising agency. Our marketing-strategy consulting, branding expertise, and digital capabilities provide your firm with the skills, tools, and technology needed to connect with consumers and grow your business.

We can help you as much or as little as you want, from tackling high-level strategy to identifying creative financial, banking, and credit union marketing ideas and trends that you can bank on.

Our collaborative marketing approach can help your firm more effectively and efficiently achieve its goals. Explore how MDG has employed the art of partnership to help financial services brands grow and thrive.

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