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Multi-Location Marketing:
The keys to developing a results-driven strategy

Developing successful advertising, traditional media, and digital solutions for multi-location and franchise firms is a unique challenge. All of the complexities of marketing a single site are multiplied and exacerbated when dealing with additional locations.

Multi-location businesses require specialized marketing approaches—from broad branding strategies to specific advertising, SEO, and social media tactics—to be simultaneously far-reaching and highly targeted.

At MDG, we have the expertise and experience necessary to help your multi-location business grow and thrive. Our specialists have worked with many multi-location firms to develop sophisticated integrated media plans; execute forward-thinking online, social, and search approaches; create compelling creative; and measurably improve results.

We view MDG as a true partner for our clients. We know that engaging multiple audiences is difficult; it requires keeping a keen eye on the nuances of each local market while maintaining consistent branding and messaging. Our goal is to provide the staff, expertise, and tools you need to successfully market at scale.

By partnering with MDG, your multi-location business will gain the people, platforms, and bandwidth necessary to reach local consumers, build a strong brand, and increase sales.

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MDG has a long history of working with multi-location clients. That means we begin each engagement with a strong understanding of the unique challenges these firms face. This helps us tackle common questions such as:

What’s the best approach for developing a marketing, media, and advertising plan for multi-location and franchise businesses?

Developing a successful marketing plan for a multi-location business requires going both broad and deep.

We start by looking at your overall brand attributes, audience behaviors, and company goals. From there, we dive deep into the specifics, including the density of locations, competitive set, and maturity of specific sites.

Once we have a strong foundation of data and insights, we can plan. We look not just at immediate campaigns to address specific location needs, but also think about ongoing sustained initiatives and how everything fits together. Our goal is to create an approach that will enable your brand to grow both in the short run and long run.

What’s the best media and advertising mix for a multi-location business?

The old adage says that all politics is local. The same is true of multi-location businesses.

While it’s essential to have universal branding and messaging, the specifics of your media mix should depend on the makeup and behaviors of each location’s target audiences.

For one site it might be better to skew efforts toward digital approaches, while for another, traditional media such as print and direct mail may be more effective.

With a thorough understanding of the local market and business objectives, the most efficient tactics can be deployed. When a new location is opened and awareness is needed, it may make sense to consider broadcast or out-of-home. For local businesses that are in a very competitive category and have the proper density, certain types of targeted mass media may be effective.

Our team of content, creative, and media-buying specialists create tailored, data-driven approaches for each location while maintaining brand consistency.

What role should digital channels play in a multi-location business’s marketing mix?

The rise of digital channels has been a tremendous development for multi-location businesses. These platforms enable you to precisely target audiences, connect directly with local consumers, and deliver a wide mix of different ads/content.

That said, getting it to all to work smoothly together is a challenge. We believe the key to digital success for multi-location businesses is to have an underlying web/marketing platform that is scalable and allows for customization by location/region.

This platform will let your business easily engage across channels, keep efforts consistent, reuse materials, and measure success.

Once it’s in place, we can undertake a wide range of efforts, including developing flexible email marketing campaigns to be used across locations and utilizing social media to build word-of-mouth and engage with local customers.

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