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A partnership with smiles all around

How MDG helped a large dental group attract new patients, improve customer satisfaction, and more than triple in size.

Dental Care Alliance (DCA), a dental practice management company, had 18 brands and 88 practices and needed a marketing partner to help increase patient count, boost customer satisfaction, and grow revenue.

MDG developed a fully integrated marketing approach that utilized a wide range of channels to deliver benefit-driven messaging and creative executions. The results exceeded goals and continue to produce impressive results to this day.

A holistic approach

Our first step when beginning the DCA engagement was to thoroughly map the dental decision-making process. By categorizing consumers based on their likelihood to convert to patients, we were able to determine the most effective media tactics and eliminate barriers to action.

We then designed, integrated, and implemented a custom marketing dashboard to track and report marketing/sales KPIs in real time.

We also built and implemented a custom ORM solution with real-time monitoring and sentiment reporting. This enabled on-the-spot problem solving and adjustments.

The combination of targeted messaging, real-time tracking, and sophisticated patient management improved DCA’s overall customer satisfaction and increased the volume of positive reviews.

A brighter future

Thanks to our successful marketing partnership, DCA increased the volume of leads to the point where it needed to purchase an additional building for a new call center.

Digital marketing now represents DCA’s largest lead source for new patients and the effectiveness of the patient platform developed by MDG has been instrumental in helping the company’s new practices.

In six years, DCA’s revenue and number of practices more than tripled.

Q. How do you sell $1 million worth of braces in two weeks?

A. Go from no digital presence to the most engaged social media brand in the industry.

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MDG helped Dental Care Alliance attract new audiences, improve customer satisfaction, and more than triple in size. Learn more about the art of partnership and how our collaborative approach can help your business.

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