A Comprehensive Cure for Digital Ailments

How MDG helped a leading urgent care provider double its web traffic, extend its social reach, and enhance its reputation with a far-reaching, patient-focused digital revamp.

FastMed Urgent Care had a clear but hard-to-solve problem: its digital strategy was not reflecting its position as a leader in the industry.

As the second-largest urgent care provider in the country with over 100 locations, FastMed was already thriving. However, the company knew that it was missing out on major opportunities to reach new audiences, better serve current patients, and manage its reputation.

What FastMed wanted was a partner to provide a strategic vision, consolidate its digital marketing efforts, execute effectively across multiple channels, and track results.

That’s where we came in.


Broad needs and specific goals

FastMed engaged MDG to conduct a comprehensive overhaul of its digital efforts. Broadly, they wanted to better integrate their approaches, increase market share, and improve brand awareness.

Along with these overarching objectives was a set of specific goals that included:

  • Garnering more traffic to the FastMed website
  • Boosting engagement on social channels
  • Increasing the number of online check-ins
  • Growing the number of new patients
  • Reducing the cost of acquiring patients
  • Utilizing data and analytics to improve marketing effectiveness

Time to get back to basics

Working together, we determined that the underlying issue was that their existing efforts were not putting patients first. As simple and cliché as it may sound, it was necessary to get back to basics.

Fundamentally, this shift involved prioritizing the user experience all around. While the client worked on in-clinic upgrades such as increasing staffing to reduce wait times on site, MDG developed and executed a multi-channel digital strategy which focused on better serving existing and potential patients.

This approach was highly effective and resulted in more online traffic, extended reach, improved sentiment, and better ROI.

A streamlined, optimized, and responsive website

We designed and launched a new website with clear navigation, mobile-friendly responsive design, updated tools, and search-optimized content pages.

The fresh site was a smashing success:

FastMed’s web traffic increased by 2X in the first year after launch and saw an increase in visits across all the markets in which it operates.

The site redesign involved a number of key changes, including:

  • A reworked architecture and navigation that made it easier for visitors to find what they were looking for.
  • An upgraded location finder that allowed visitors to see the nearest urgent care center.
  • Sitewide SEO and content optimizations including streamlined location pages which integrated interactive maps and center-specific reviews.

A better online check-in experience

A key objective of the engagement was to make it easier for patients to check-in for visits online and to enable the client to better track metrics related to check-ins.

Thanks to our efforts FastMed was able to achieve these goals: online check-ins increased by 90% after the new website was launched.

A targeted approach to social media

As part of its refreshed digital approach FastMed didn’t just want more social engagement, it also wanted its efforts to be more effective. MDG developed a robust social media strategy that targeted the specific geographies and audiences that were most valuable.

This focused effort led to a big payoff: in 12 months, FastMed reached more than 3.4 million hyper-local prospective patients on social media, served more than 17.6 million impressions, elicited more than 242,000 active engagements with prospective patients and employees, and garnered more than 51,000 intent-based clicks to

A renewed focus on reputation management

As with so many businesses, FastMed realized that its online reputation was becoming increasingly important to its business. MDG brought a renewed focus to patient reviews, working to encourage and highlight positive sentiment.

This approach drove an increase in positive public reviews on Google for FastMed by 149% year-over-year, with a 37% improvement in the average star rating compared to the prior year.

A fresh set of digital tactics and platforms

We didn’t just want to enhance FastMed’s digital efforts, we also wanted to implement fresh tactics and channels to reach audiences more effectively.

We built a comprehensive strategy which included engaging on previously underutilized platforms like Waze, Yelp, and Google My Business as well as developing new geofencing, paid search, and retargeting campaigns.

This updated strategy led to a string of success, including exceeding ROI goals on PPC campaigns by 262%, on Yelp campaigns by 115%, and on Waze campaigns by 217%.

A real, measurable ROI

So what were the results of this urgent care marketing case study?

Ultimately, MDG delivered impressive results across a wide-range of metrics including site visits, volume of check-ins, social engagement, and review sentiment. Most importantly for FastMed, the engagement delivered a clear, measurable uptick in patient visits and ROI.

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MDG helped FastMed substantially increase its online reach and improve the ROI of its digital marketing programs. Learn more about the art of partnership and how our collaborative approach can aid your business.

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