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Getting IT Right, From the Start

How MDG helped an IT staffing firm redesign its visual identity, develop compelling digital experiences, and grow into one of the top firms in the nation.

Signature Consultants is a unique IT staffing firm. The company was founded by an accomplished doctor who believed that helping people find jobs could be as rewarding as practicing medicine. He took the same principles that led to success in the emergency room and applied them to the staffing industry: surround yourself with people you can trust in life-and-death situations, and always do the right thing.

Signature first engaged MDG to redesign its visual identity. From there, we’ve built a cooperative and collaborative partnership that’s helped the company achieve unprecedented growth. Together, we’ve developed creative, engaging, and personalized marketing solutions that stand out in an industry powered by technology. This approach—which both highlights and builds on Signature’s unique people-first culture—has been embraced by the firm’s consultants, candidates, clients, and employees.

High Touch in High Tech

The nature of IT staffing means that a company’s online offerings must be both current and compelling. MDG developed cutting-edge digital assets for Signature that engage audiences while maintaining the firm’s personalized, relationship-driven brand voice.

Culture Through Communications

In a highly competitive and commoditized industry, differentiation is key. MDG built an effective branding and communications strategy for Signature that keeps the firm’s special approach and culture front and center with every audience and at every touchpoint.

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Strong Culture, Strong Growth

Signature’s partnership with MDG has yielded impressive results. The firm is now one of the largest IT staffing companies in the United States, with more than 25 locations. Moreover, for the past eight years in a row, the company has been voted as one the best U.S. staffing firms to work for. This is proof that a powerful, well-positioned brand can deliver both sustained growth and foster a special culture that inspires.

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MDG helped Signature Consultants redesign its visual identity, develop compelling digital experiences, and grow into one of the top staffing firms in the nation. Learn more about the art of partnership and how our collaborative approach can help your business.

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