Hospitality Marketing: Seagate Spa

Seagate Spa Gets The Royal Treatment

At MDG, we believe in pampering our clients, especially those who share our love of pampering like the new Seagate Spa. As Delray Beach’s destination du jour for bliss at its best, we recently created collateral materials that give the Spa a refreshing, invigorating appeal.

First, as branding specialists, we designed a logo that would capture the essence of the Seagate Spa’s holistic philosophy while reflecting the marine elements of the Spa’s products, treatments and atmosphere.

Next, our creative advertising team developed inspired signage for the interior and exterior of the Spa.

Incorporating seaside elements to evoke the Spa’s location by the beach, you’ll notice that the name and logo appear to be etched in the sand, leaving a captivating impression.

These elements are definitely an escape from the everyday, just like the Seagate Spa itself.

Finally, we created a Spa-centric Brochure that conveys a sense of serenity through its use of calming, cooling colors while aptly describing the Spa’s services in luxurious detail.


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