MDG Advertising Couldn’t Wait to Create an ER Campaign for HCA East Hospitals

When HCA East Florida wanted to promote the shorter wait times at their hospital emergency rooms, MDG raced to the rescue with an outdoor campaign that conveyed that critical message. We knew it was vital to keep the messages concise yet compelling since the billboards would be viewed only briefly by highway drivers and passengers. So our team sped into action and developed billboards to instantly express the benefits of HCA emergency care to the on-the-move outdoor audience.

One creative concept integrated the ER abbreviation directly into copy. Another made “time” the essence of the message.

The billboards also inspired a strong sense of trust and brand awareness by conveying that the hospitals named are part of South Florida’s largest ER network.

Overall, the outdoor campaign clearly showed that HCA cares about reducing the patients’ wait time and improving their personal experience in any emergency situation.

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