MDG Shocks With A New Dental Acquisition Ad Campaign For Dental Care Alliance

MDG has created a new advertising campaign geared toward the acquisition of dental practices for Dental Care Alliance, one of the largest dental practice management companies with more than 85 locations in eight states. The goal of the campaign was to reach dentists who are realizing that the stress of operating a dental practice can suck the life out of them, then communicate that Dental Care Alliance can give them their lives back. That message inspired the tone of the campaign.

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The strategy for the dental acquisition campaign was based on the shock value of using images of tombstones and the Grim Reaper to symbolize to dentists that running a practice can have negative effects on their lives. The ads cryptically, yet cleverly, convey that the stress associated with the enormous capital needed for equipment and staff, along with the tremendous amount of time consumed in running the business rather than focusing on patients, can make them feel like their lives are slipping away.

That dark imagery is quickly lightened by upbeat messaging that expresses how Dental Care Alliance can save their lives and their livelihoods through its dental practice acquisition options. By relating to the anxiety of running a dental practice, then offering a life-changing solution, the advertising conveys to dentists that they have plenty of good to reap by becoming affiliated with Dental Care Alliance.


This dental acquisition campaign is part of a larger four-campaign strategy, with the remaining campaigns targeting consumers by focusing on the importance of dental care and the specialized service of sedation dentistry. All of the campaigns were designed to incorporate major channels of social media, along with outlets related to local business and relationships.

Since 1991, Dental Care Alliance has provided dental professionals with more satisfaction and control in their careers by handling their day-to-day office management so they can focus on patient care, as well as by offering flexible acquisition options to help dentists retire or realize their practice equity. In addition to targeting dentists in need of this specialized support, they also market to consumers to promote the numerous dental services of their affiliated practices, from basic cleaning and tooth whitening, to cosmetic dentistry and dental sedation.


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