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TripAdvisor’s TripConnect to Accommodate Independent Hotels for Instant Mobile Bookings

TripAdvisor’s TripConnect for Instant Mobile Bookings
As more and more travelers are browsing and booking travel on their mobile devices, TripAdvisor wants to provide them with a larger suite of options. That’s why the online travel service is planning to welcome TripConnect—its metasearch auction bidding tool for independent hotels and B&Bs—to its mobile app and mobile Web interface by the end of the year. This will allow travelers to reserve rooms at these smaller properties directly from their mobile devices through TripConnect. reported on this mobile marketing move.

The decision came about after a year of frustration between the TripAdvisor experience and the booking engines of independent properties because many aren’t optimized for mobile. The only way to overcome this digital dilemma was for TripAdvisor to add this Instant Booking mobile-optimized booking form to its mobile app and mobile Web interface.


Food Franchise Brands “Think Locally, Act Socially” to Engage Consumers

Food Franchise Brands and social media marketingSince consumer engagement is one of the main goals of social media, quick-service restaurant brands are striving to feed their need for engagement by bringing location-specific marketing to the table. More and more brands have taken a liking to this local marketing because it allows them to target consumers in individual U.S. markets and engage them on a more personal level. dished up the details on how food franchises are taking a local approach to their social media marketing to keep consumers hungry for more.

While early adopters of social media marketing had to create their own local pages, the popularity of local marketing has led social platforms to add these pages as features, such as Facebook Local Search. As a result, franchisees no longer need to build their own local accounts, because their parent companies are creating these for them. All that franchisees need to focus on is fostering community engagement and excitement on these local accounts.


7 Things Your Interactive Agency Should Be Doing for Your Brand

7 Things Your Interactive Agency Should Be DoingWhile the definition of “interactive” is debatable given the rapid advancements in Web marketing over the last five years, agencies that pride themselves on delivering potent digital marketing solutions have had to embrace these changes to deliver attributable ROI for clients. From branding, lead generation, and search marketing, to email and social media marketing, an interactive agency should have no shortage of opportunities to increase the profitability of a client’s digital business. At the minimum, an interactive agency should be able to deliver significant return in these seven channels:

1. Display Marketing and Retargeting CONTINUE READING THIS CONTENT »

How Mobile Technology Can Put Hospitality Customers Back in the Palm of Your Hand

Mobile Technology and Hospitality Customers  The hospitality industry is finding that customers aren’t always so hospitable. Hotels, airlines, and cruise lines have seen a major decline in customer loyalty in recent years. One reason for this lack of loyalty is that many of these brands aren’t anticipating and addressing travelers’ needs and wants. Another is that yesterday’s perks are today’s expectations. This is driving travelers to look for other brands that will give them more perks for their patronage. Yet one way to bring back customer preference is by making their experience easier. Fortunately, technology has traveled at a rapid rate to bring convenience to these customers through their mobile devices. Mobile has transformed the hospitality industry, and now brands are leveraging mobile technology to raise their standard of customer service. featured the following mobile-technology hospitality hints from the “Chaos Theory” e-zine

While apathetic service and lengthy security procedures have made travel tedious, mobile can make the travel experience much smoother and more streamlined. So if a brand can make a traveler’s trip easier in any way, it has a better chance of earning the customer’s gratitude and loyalty. From sending push notifications to keep travelers on schedule, to using mobile’s touchscreens to expedite access, hospitality brands must get creative and leverage the many features of mobile marketing to benefit today’s travelers.


Lay’s “Do Us a Flavor” Promotion Takes Sampling in a Digital Direction

Lay’s Takes Sampling in a Digital Direction It’s no secret that in-store sampling serves up sales. But with people trading in-store browsing for online buying, brands are looking for new ideas to push trying and buying. But now leave it to Lay’s to cook up a way to mix tasting with technology through their new promotion with Uber that made getting samples of chips just a quick click away. To promote their “Do Us a Flavor” contest, the Pepsi Co. potato chip brand used the UberRUSH courier service to bring picnic baskets filled with free chips to consumers who entered a special code when logging into the service. Each basket brimmed with the finalist flavors along with two sandwiches from Katz’s Deli, fruit, and two bottles of Pepsi’s Aquafina water. reported on how Lay’s was trying to lay the groundwork to take sampling in a digital direction.

This Uber promotion launched last week in New York City as a way for Lay’s to increase interest in its second annual “Do Us a Flavor” contest. It was only offered to a total of 200 Manhattan deliveries this past Friday and Saturday as a way to build buzz for the contest. Since this flavor contest will be Lay’s largest marketing promotion this year, they wanted to go all out to get the word out.


LinkedIn Employs a New “Follow” Button to Promote Broader Interaction

LinkedIn  New “Follow” Button to Promote Broader Interaction
If LinkedIn looks different, it’s because the professional platform has quietly rolled out a “Follow” button to millions of members’ profiles. This button will allow users to share their activities with followers without formally connecting to them. This “Follow” feature is shaking up the business community because it transforms the social media network into a professional form of Tumblr or Twitter by letting members continually broadcast their business beyond their basic networks. It will also allow for professional growth by expanding users’ insight on colleagues that they want to know, but have not yet met. To follow the latest on this “Follow” button, shared all of the details.

According to industry leaders, the “Follow” button will be a valuable resource for many LinkedIn members with a public profile in their industry because it will enable them to gain insights and stay current on their colleagues without necessarily having to know them.


How Instagram and Millennials are Filtering Advertising’s Image

Instagram and MillennialsInstagram was designed to capture moments and memories through photos, but it’s also captured the attention of the advertising industry and could be changing the focus of marketing as we know it. The highly visual photo-sharing app has made it a popular platform for advertising and ushered in an age of Snapshot Marketing. But it’s not only the layout of Instagram that’s remaking marketing—now the tastes of the youthful Millennials who take most of these snapshots seem to be shaping the style of the actual ads. Clearly, Millennials and their Instagram images are inspiring modern marketing. exposed more on how the platform is changing the look of advertising.

According to industry research, the most successful visual platform campaigns feature native ads that reflect the look of the site’s content. And advertising campaigns containing Instagram photos received three times the click-through rate as ads filled with stock or studio photos. Instagram even advises brands to use glossy, high-quality photos that seem similar to snaps from regular users. In fact, past campaigns that featured phony-looking photos were poorly embraced by the young consumers who appreciate authenticity on the platform.


Opportunity is Calling to Dial Up Ad Revenue and Wi-Fi with New York City Phone Booths

Opportunity is Calling New York City Phone BoothsNew York City has put out a call for companies to turn the city’s phone booths into free Wi-Fi and charging stations. This project would make the pay phones of yesterday meet the Wi-Fi needs of tomorrow by covering the city’s streets with Wi-Fi service. A number of high-tech, high-profile companies have already answered the call to supply this service to the city since the chosen company will earn a share of the ad revenue from the advertising placed on the phone booths. featured more on this worthwhile Wi-Fi opportunity that would provide a connection to a world of ad revenue.

With more than 7,000 pay phone booths throughout the five boroughs and nearly 4,000 of them featuring ad placements, the winner of this Wi-Fi contract would gain access to great publicity and profits. They would share ad revenue with the city and earn at least $17.5 million in compensation. Apparently, streaming Wi-Fi through the city would deliver a steady stream of ad revenue.


Twitter’s Click-To-Call Feature Pours Out Direct Response for Mountain Dew’s Baja Blast Soda

Twitter CLick to call feature and Mountain Dew
Mountain Dew recently quenched its thirst for promotion by turning to a new click-to-call tweet feature that Twitter is currently testing. Designed for direct response on mobile devices, this Twitter tactic allows brands to include a click-to-call button in tweets that users can click to automatically call the featured number. When Mountain Dew tried this Twitter tool to launch its largest limited-time offer for its Baja Blast soda, the beverage brand received 3,500 phone calls, along with 600 retweets and more than 1,300 favorites. reported on how this Twitter tactic can dial up direct response results.

Click-to-call buttons have long been used to generate sales leads and now Twitter is giving the tactic a social media spin to make it a mobile marketing method.


Twitter Used by U.S. Defense Department to Announce Major Military Strike

Twitter Used by U.S. Defense DepartmentIt’s a sign of our social times when the U.S. administration uses a social media platform to blast news of an Iraqi airstrike. When the U.S. defense department took to Twitter last week to announce that U.S. military aircraft had conducted an Iraqi airstrike on ISIS artillery, it wasn’t just breaking news but it was also a newsworthy moment since it was one of the first times in history that the U.S. government turned to Twitter over traditional channels to break national news. posted more on why this bombshell was deployed in a tweet.

In lieu of a time-intensive news conference or TV announcement, Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Adm. John Kirby condensed this defense announcement into a 132-character tweet. Once the news exploded onto social media, it was retweeted more than 1,000 times within 30 minutes of its posting and was even sourced directly to Twitter by the major news networks.


Voyat’s New Social CRM Tool Helps Hotels Customize the Customer Experience

Voyat’s New Social CRM Tool Helps Hotels Customize the experience In an effort to make frequent travelers feel more familiar at their favorite hotels, Voyat has a launched a new social CRM tool to give hotels the key to customer behavior. The tool will help hotels personalize the guest experience and reward loyal guests. Hotels can use the social tool to tap into each guest’s various online, on-site WiFi, and social media behaviors. Then, hotels can use the guest analytics and digital data collected to create customer profiles that allow them to reward regular guests and gain their long-term loyalty. reported on how Voyat is returning relationships back to the hotel experience.

The Voyat venture received $1.8 million in seed funding from investors connected to Google. This network was only natural since one of Voyat’s co-founders, Benjamin Habbel, also has links to Google.


5 Top Trends for Health & Wellness Marketers in 2014

Trends for Health & Wellness MarketingWith the healthcare and wellness industry evolving at a rapid rate, consumers are being faced with more options and opportunities than ever. This is making consumers feel much more empowered and involved in their healthcare choices. Yet this newfound consumer confidence is making many healthcare marketing experts feel uncertain about the best ways to engage these consumers in order to earn their trust, loyalty, and business. Fortunately, treated marketers to a dose of the latest trends in targeting these health-conscious consumers. It’s just what the doctor ordered to help healthcare marketers keep their fingers on the pulse of the healthcare audience.

1. Target Through the Power of Personalization – Personalization is the name of the game in 2014 because today’s consumers want to be treated like individuals. This is becoming true in all industries, but is especially important in more personalized segments like healthcare and wellness. Luckily, most healthcare marketers have been collecting data for a while and have already amassed a healthy amount of consumer information. And now marketers can tap into this data to deliver highly targeted, personalized messages to the right people, in the right way, at the right time.


Facebook’s New Save Feature Lets Content Be Read Later and Last Longer

Facebook’s New Save Feature

Facebook is saving the day for users who have an interest in keeping up with content, but don’t have time to read it right away. The social media network has introduced a Save feature that lets users store links from their Feeds, friends, and other Facebook pages on a special list and then read them at another time. With Save, users can read all of the content they want, at any time they want, without needing to stop and drop whatever they’re doing to read a story before it’s gone. While extending the length of time for reading, Save also extends the life of content to add long-term value to content marketing. To see how Save lets the latest content be read at a later date, stockpiled the details.


Research Reveals That Mobile Makes Up Majority of Time Spent Online

Mobile Makes Up Majority of Time Spent Online

Mobile has become a mainstay of the mainstream and is now dominating our digital activities. A new comScore report showed that 60% of all digital time was spent on mobile devices and 51% of all digital time was spent on mobile apps during the month of May. This is an increase from 50% one year ago. Clearly, mobile has redefined the online experience. That’s why marketers must take mobile into account when targeting their digital ads to audiences. The Wall Street Journal reported more on mobile’s digital dominance.


A Guide to the New World of Digital Video Advertising

Digital Video Advertising

Advertisers and publishers have been talking for years about a coming time when digital video advertising would finally take off and account for a significant share of spend. Well, that day is finally here. The digital video advertising market is suddenly growing very, very, very quickly.