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Take a Trip Through the 16-Year Success of TripAdvisor [Infographic]

Take a Trip Through the 16-Year Success of TripAdvisor [Infographic]
What a trip it’s been for TripAdvisor, which is celebrating 16 years of guiding travelers through the vacation-planning process. In this span of time, TripAdvisor has become the world’s largest travel website and community. It’s become the go-to destination for travelers seeking personal peer travel reviews, user-generated travel content, and real-time price comparisons, along with a fast and easy way to book lodging, flights, and activities. By providing travelers with instant access to all aspects of travel, TripAdvisor has evolved to be very popular worldwide, spanning 47 countries and offering results in 28 languages. For a closer look at TripAdvisor’s journey to success, Dublin, Ireland-based SunSearch Holidays created an intriguing infographic called “TripAdvisor Sweet 16 in 2016.”

The infographic opens with several little-known facts about TripAdvisor, including: CONTINUE READING THIS CONTENT »

3 Ways Marketers Can Reach Generation Z

3 Ways Marketers Can Reach Generation Z
Many marketers who thought they knew demographics from A to Z have found themselves unsure of how to reach today’s young generation known as Generation Z. Born right after Millennials, this generation between the ages of 18 and 25 resembles their predecessors in their complexity and self-awareness, but Generation Z is more focused on success, social responsibility, and global issues. To help marketers get a better read on Generation Z, featured recent research from the Zeno Group, which revealed three ways to reach this segment as it grows and grows up.

1. Connect through Disconnection
While Generation Z may be extremely tech-savvy, they are also more likely to disconnect from their devices than other generations. Unlike tech-focused Millennials, Generation Z will happily unplug to do the non-digital activities they enjoy. To connect with this less-connected group, marketers need to think beyond the realm of technology to offer solutions that engage, entertain, and enlighten them.


Explore the World’s 10 Most Powerful Brands

World’s 10 Most Powerful Brands
When it comes to brand power, which brands command the most command? Brand Finance reviewed the biggest brands worldwide based on their familiarity, loyalty, marketing, promotions, investment, reputation, and employee satisfaction to find which were the world’s most powerful. featured a ranking of the results, counting down to the most powerful to show the most dominant, prominent brands.

10. Google
Google recently reorganized under its parent company Alphabet. Due to the decrease in cost-per-click advertising, the search giant will significantly increase its ability to generate mobile revenue.


Which Kinds of Political Ads Have the Most Persuasive Power?

Which Political Ads Have the Most Persuasive Power?
When it comes to the most effective political ad format, television wins by a landslide. Apparently, political ads on TV influence 38% of Millennials, 25% of Gen Xers, and 19% of Baby Boomers. These results were revealed in a January survey by Kelly Scott Madison (KSM) and ORC International that asked a range of generations which political ads had the most influence on their political perspectives and actions. featured more on the power of political ads.

Beyond the TV Screen
While TV controlled the majority of political power in ads, print ads in newspapers and magazines earned the second-highest share of the vote. The research showed that print ads influenced: CONTINUE READING THIS CONTENT »

The Global Hotel Industry & Trends for 2016 [Infographic]

Global Hotel Industry Trends for 2016
With hotel revenues expected to rise to $550 billion dollars this year, a number of trends are rising throughout the hotel industry. These trends were recently featured in an infographic created by the Killarney Hotel Group. shared the infographic, “The Global Hotel Industry & Trends for 2016”.

Top trends include increasing hotel room rates, along with Millennials making their mark as the dominant business travelers, and hotels finally connecting with mobile technology. To explore more trends affecting the global hotel industry in 2016, check out the top takeaways from the informative infographic.


New E-book: A 5-Step Plan for Creating Exceptional Healthcare Content

New E-book: A 5-Step Plan for Creating Exceptional Healthcare Content
An analysis by the Content Marketing Institute found that healthcare marketers often lag up to two years behind their peers in other industries when it comes to digital content creation and distribution.

Why? What’s holding healthcare brands back from consistently creating exceptional content?


The One Business Basic that Companies are Basing Business On

Business Basic
Today, the top priority of businesses is expanding the customer base. This focus was found in an August 2015 survey by Forbes Insights and ServiceSource of more than 300 global C-level executives and senior executives in a variety of industries. The results revealed that growing the customer base was the leading priority of 42% of respondents. To discover which other business objectives mattered most to executives, shared their top business priorities.

The customer connection was a common theme throughout most of the survey results. According to the survey, respondents named the following as their top business priorities: CONTINUE READING THIS CONTENT »

Which Branding Strategy Consistently Works on Social Media?

Branding Strategy, Social Media
When it comes to branding on social media, keeping branding consistent on all social media platforms is consistently the key to success. This is because an effective brand is comprised of an interconnected group of business identity elements, such as core values, brand distinctions, and selling points. By expressing these essential brand attributes on all of your social media platforms, you’re able to tell a brand’s story and familiarize consumers with the brand’s business and beliefs. By maintaining the same story and message on every social channel, this creates a strong brand image that consumers can relate to, which increases their interest in a brand. This results in a better understanding of the brand, along with more conversions, and customer loyalty. To make your branding more consistent on all of your social media platforms, shared four strategies that brands should consistently follow.

1. Align the Design
The look of the logo, layout, graphics, and colors defines a brand’s visual identity and determines its public perception. These elements work together to create a single brand image. Luckily, you can personalize these visual elements by using the customization options on Facebook and Twitter. To create consistent visual branding, use these expert tips: CONTINUE READING THIS CONTENT »

Why Omnichannel Technology is Big Business in B2B E-Commerce

Omnichannel Technology, B2B E-Commerce
Today, B2B buyers mean business about their desire for omnichannel technology in business-to-business e-commerce. Research shows that 75% of B2B buyers worldwide would re-purchase from a supplier that had omnichannel abilities. This is because omnichannel methods ensure a seamless and optimized customer experience across a company’s multiple touch points, regardless of whether purchases are made from a desktop device, by mobile means, or in person. As a result of this consumer demand, an Accenture survey found that two-thirds of suppliers are either currently implementing or planning to invest in omnichannel development over the next six months. To see why omnichannel technology will soon be sweeping the B2B landscape, shared its four main business benefits.

1. It Maximizes the Mobile Experience
Mobile has become a business necessity, with 42% of B2B buyers using a mobile device during some point of the purchasing process. To ensure an optimal mobile experience, it’s important to pay attention to a website’s responsiveness in both design and usability throughout the entire purchase process. By optimizing the e-commerce mobile experience, a business can have a huge advantage with customers.


Facebook Ads vs. Paid Google Search (PPC): Which Should Your Brand Use?

Facebook Ads vs. Paid Google Search (PPC)
Over the past few years, the sophistication of paid search and paid ads on social media has increased dramatically.

With new ad formats, expanded targeting options, and more powerful measurement tools, it’s now possible for companies to use these channels to reach audiences more effectively than ever.


6 Travel Trends Driving Travelers Out of Town in 2016

6 Travel Trends, Travel marketing 2016
People travel for different reasons, but how will they choose where to get away and stay in 2016? Plus, how much will they spend and how much will their choices change the travel industry? To answer all of these questions and see where travel is headed in 2016, TripBarometer conducted a study on the upcoming travel plans of more than 44,000 travelers and hoteliers. explored the results and arrived at these six travel trends for 2016.

1. Searching for New Experiences
In 2016, travelers of every age want to visit new places and do novel activities. According to the study: CONTINUE READING THIS CONTENT »

Why Hearst is Taking its Video Ads in a Vertical Direction

Hearst, Video ads, Vertical Video
Vertical video has become a standard in social media and apps, but now it’s also being viewed as a vertical video format. Publishing giant Hearst recently launched a full-screen, vertical video ad on its mobile websites, which it’s serving via direct deals with brands. Hearst believes that vertical video ads on its mobile sites will be in high demand by advertisers, especially for its magazines for younger audiences since the desktop versions of these ads have proven to be more engaging and popular with a younger demographic. To see why this vertical vehicle has been snapped up from Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter and positioned for video advertising, shared the whole story.

Hearst was among the first digital publishers to embrace vertical video. In addition to using the format on a few of their Snapchat channels, they also have been featuring vertical video in their desktop ads. Today, their half-page vertical desktop ads have become more effective than their traditional skyscraper ads, which used to get the greatest results.


6 Top-Rated Ways to Get More Online Reviews

More, Online Reviews
Today, online reviews are the last word in business. This personal feedback now plays a primary role in a customer’s purchasing decisions for every type of product, service, and company. Research supports the importance of reviews, with nearly 90% of consumers considering an online review to be as meaningful as a personal recommendation from family or friends. And customers demand more than one or two reviews, with 85% of consumers needing to read up to 10 reviews about a local business to reach the right purchase decision. And online reviews are also becoming significant for B2B companies, with research showing a 60% leap in a company’s profile views from simply doubling their number of client reviews. To help businesses of every size and scope acquire more online reviews, shared these six expert-approved strategies.

1. Face the Issue Directly
One of the easiest ways to get reviews is to simply ask customers directly. After a customer has expressed their satisfaction, have a manager or staff member politely ask the customer to leave their positive feedback on a review site.


5 Ways Mobile Shoppers Reach Stores by Reaching for their Smartphones

Mobile Shoppers, Smartphones
Today, more and more shoppers are reaching for their smartphones for every step of shopping, from browsing to buying. In fact, Google data revealed a 120% increase in mobile shopping-related searches last year. This opens up outstanding opportunities for brands to reach shoppers with targeted messages at every point of purchase, from search to sale. Now, recent Google research and search data have revealed many important insights on the best ways to connect with mobile shoppers at every stage. And featured the top five takeaways to bag more mobile shoppers.

1. Shoppers Look to their Smartphones Before Looking in Stores
Today, the retail experience begins via mobile. According to research from retail giant Target and cellular company Sprint: CONTINUE READING THIS CONTENT »

How Millennials Could Bring Healthy Change to Healthcare

Millennials, Change to Healthcare
Millennials treat healthcare very differently than past generations. Rather than blindly accepting the hurdles, hassles, and high price of healthcare, Millennials are challenging these care constraints with a preference for convenience, speed, low cost, and technology instead of relationships. With their rise in power and prominence, Millennials are completely changing the way that the healthcare industry operates. shared details on how this young generation is prescribing a new path for healthcare.

No Need to Get Personal About Personal Health
The Millennial generation is defined by their need for convenience and instant gratification. And they want those traits in their healthcare, which is why they focus on preventative health rather than treatment.


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