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Take Stock of Vince Vaughn’s Funny Business

Take Stock of Vince Vaughn’s Funny Business with stock imagesPicture this…Vince Vaughn in the corporate world. Hilarious, right? Well, this scenario is no joke, at least according to certain stock photos starring the comic actor. Viewers may get a good laugh, but Vaughn has the last laugh since the photos are a promotional stunt for his new movie, “Unfinished Business.” The movie comes out on Friday, but thanks to this stock stunt, the buzz has begun because the photos are already trending on Twitter. posted the photos, so have a look and a laugh.

To play up the movie’s corporate image, Twentieth Century Fox partnered with iStock by Getty Images to produce a set of stock photos of the stars in a business setting. The photos feature Vince Vaughn, Dave Franco, and his other co-stars in business-as-usual settings, such as conference rooms and client meetings. Since the movie is a comedy, the photos are able to poke fun at the idea of Vaughn in an office, as well as cheesy stock photos.


Why Travel Brands Must Expand Their Social Media Marketing

Why Travel Marketing Must Extend Social Media to Its Digital VenturesToday, travelers make digital sites their first destination when seeking their next trip. In fact, more than one-third of travelers plan their trips through online travel agents, while 83% use the Internet while on vacation, and 48% post their vacation photos to Facebook as soon as they get back home. These were just a few of the findings from a recent report by Facebook and Deloitte. It showed why brands should use their social media to drive their digital campaigns in order to leverage their social success into tangible business results. shared more from the report to show how hospitality brands can expand their social media marketing efforts.

Use Social Mileage to Drive Business Metrics
While social media effectiveness is measured in fans and likes, these metrics don’t clearly translate to the travel industry goals of brand awareness, sales, and retention. Engagement isn’t everything, but it is a means to metrics that matter. So instead of pursuing a greater share of social shares, a brand should use its social media presence to drive business results. This can be achieved by using social media marketing efforts to generate site traffic, support sales strategies, and contribute to conversions.


MDG Advertising Celebrates Its 2000th Blog Post

advertising and Marketing blogMDG Advertising is thrilled to share this big news with all of you who helped us reach this milestone. Our blog is more than a source of stories. It’s a valuable virtual connection. It connects you to the latest in marketing and lets our agency connect to a community that shares our passion for advertising. Our industry is always evolving, but you can count on MDG’s blog to always share timely topics and tactics advancing the art of advertising and marketing.

It’s been more than six years since we launched this blog, but we view each post as a new opportunity to share what matters in marketing. We strive to keep content fresh and compelling, and develop tools that give you an edge, such as infographics, e-books, and e-newsletters that let you leverage the latest news. And every day, we’re grateful to our talented team of creative writers, marketing experts, and digital content strategists who pursue and produce the stories that keep you in touch with our times.


Usage Trends for 5 Top Social Media Networks

Pew social media update 2014
Facebook remains the social media network with the biggest user base and most engaged members, according recent U.S. data from the Pew Research Center.

Overall, 71% of Internet users in the United States are on Facebook, a proportion that has stayed the same since August 2013, according to the report.


What If You Could Friend David Ogilvy on Facebook? [Infographic]

David Ogilvy Facebook
Ever wondered what it might be like to get poked by David Ogilvy on Facebook? Or how it might feel to link up with Bill Bernbach, Leo Burnett, or Mary Wells on LinkedIn? A series of infographics from HubSpot titled, “The Social Network of Advertising Icons,” looks at David Ogilvy and other now-famous ad legends as they might have been profiled in the digital age.

The fun, but imaginary, infographics are designed to look like actual social media profiles, turning memorable quotes into daily posts. Some of the quotes seem made to order for contemporary sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook: CONTINUE READING THIS CONTENT »

Are You in the Loop About Instagram’s Looping Videos?

Instagram’s Looping VideoInstagram has introduced endlessly looping videos and brands are very excited to take them for a spin. Looping makes it easy to watch videos over and over without constantly clicking play, giving brands repeat exposure that makes their messages memorable. Brands also love looping because it brings new ways to be creative. The Gap is one of first brands to get involved in these revolving ads and the buzz around their effort should have many producing spin-offs. To see just what The Gap is turning out and where this looping is leading, has rounded up the facts on this feature.

The Gap Gives Looping a Whirl
The Gap is leveraging looping with a micro-series on Instagram. It revolves around a love story than unfolds in a 12-part show. There’s a new installment every week and it leads up to big debut of The Gap’s new spring clothing line. While the series is being run on Instagram now, the brand plans to share it on other social media platforms.


4 Credit Union Marketing Trends for 2015

4 Credit Union Marketing Trends for 2015When asked to predict the key trends in credit union marketing for the year ahead, various experts narrowed in on key areas they expect to deliver the greatest results. Not surprisingly, digital ranked high on just about everyone’s list. Here are four of the areas expected to hold the greatest promise as detailed in a recent CU Times article.

1.  The Continued Digital Shift


4 Truths About B2B Display Advertising

Facts About B2B Display Advertising In the past, B2B marketers haven’t responded to display advertising because they’ve thought that it’s better for consumer campaigns. Sadly, these marketers are missing out on valuable opportunities to display their strengths and services to their prime prospects and core customers. To help B2B marketers better understand how display ads can deliver more business, explained the real deal about using display advertising in B2B marketing.

1. Results Over Time, Not Overnight


7 Social Media Brand Values that Customers Value

social-media-brand-valuesSocial media isn’t business as usual. In fact, many business-savvy brands are socially awkward at first. They find it hard to relate and communicate on social media channels. But once they learn which social virtues are valued by their audience, they quickly develop social skills and a faithful fan following. To help brands improve their social status, shared the social media traits that users expect and respect from brands.

1. Trust is a Must


Why Aren’t Physicians Attending to Social Media?

Physicians and Social MediaIt’s a medical mystery why so few physicians are active online. They may be committed to keeping their patients well, but they’re ignoring the health of their practice by avoiding social media. Since studies show that one-third of U.S. consumers seek health information online, a practice must have a digital presence today if it wants to be seen and sought. Luckily, social media makes it easy to both reach prospective patients and strengthen the bond with current ones. To explain why so many physicians appear to be socially shy, featured the reasons for their reluctance, plus ways to relieve their online objections.

No Time to Give Social Media the Treatment It Deserves
Social media takes time to manage and maintain, so many doctors believe that they’re too busy with patients and simply don’t have the time to commit to social media. One way to overcome this hurdle is to assign all social media responsibilities to one of your front desk staff who is comfortable with communicating on various social channels. Since the front desk staff often are the first people that patients encounter, social media will enable prospective patients to build a rapport with that employee and have a familiar face when they visit.


Travel Brands Rewarded with High Facebook CTRs

Travel Brands get High Facebook CTRsTravel brands are flying high after discovering that their industry had the highest U.S. Facebook ad click through rates (CTRs) for Q4 2014. Kinetic Social just posted the final figures showing that travel CTRs soared to 2.63% for an incredible increase of 557.5% year-over-year. Following closely was the consumer packaged goods industry, whose Facebook ads packed in an 803.6% year-over-year increase. Beyond the breathtaking success of these segments, U.S. Facebook ads overall experienced stunning growth throughout 2014, tripling from a 0.41% CTR at the beginning of the year to 1.26% CTR in Q4. featured more of these findings to show how people are clicking with Facebook ads.

The Rate of Industry Ad Success
Facebook may have begun as a forum for friends, but has quickly become a powerful social media marketing platform for brands to connect and convert consumers. Clearly, U.S. Facebook ads are powerful tools for reaching new people.


4 SEO Tools You Just Can’t Live Without in 2015

Best SEO Tools for 2015
Search engine optimization (SEO) has become a massive industry, filled with hundreds of sites and software programs promising to boost presence and effectiveness. Many of these tools make bold claims, but do they actually work?

Unfortunately, many do not. Some are ineffective because they emphasize outdated tactics; some fail because they have interfaces that are far too complicated; others are a waste of time because they are overloaded with unnecessary features.


Adobe Celebrates Photoshop’s 25th Birthday with Oscar-Worthy TV Spot

Although the Super Bowl gets most of the credit for introducing great TV commercials, the Academy Awards is no slouch, either, when it comes to showcasing great advertising. A new spot commemorating Adobe Photoshop’s 25th birthday is a perfect example. The colorfully animated 60-second tribute to dreamers is scheduled to air in select markets during Sunday’s Academy Award’s ceremony, reports Adweek.

The spot, created by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, shows the photo-editing software in use in a number of different creative situations, all set to the iconic Aerosmith song, “Dream On.” Notably, the commercial ignores Photoshop’s more controversial airbrushed supermodels and focuses instead on its use in design, illustration, and film—all uses more closely associated with the Academy Awards.


Welcome Guests Back from Booking Sites by Sending Savvy Emails

Travel marketing-Sending Savvy EmailsThe rise of online travel agencies has made it harder for hotels to hold on to direct bookings. To win back business from booking sites, hotels must use the personal to build relationships with guests. The way to begin this bond is with email marketing, which enables hotels to connect with guests and collect personal data so they can learn about guest preferences and personalize their stays. Yet many hotels waste this chance by sending generic messages or basic transactional emails. But the power is in the personal, with studies showing that personalized emails have a 25% higher open rate and 51% higher click rate. By sending pre-arrival emails that are customized to guests, hotels can improve their hospitality marketing results and establish relationships that lead to lasting loyalty. shared some ways to give emails a personal touch.

Get to Know Guests’ Personal Preferences
Most hotels that take direct online bookings send some sort of confirmation email. Rather than just affirm their stay, use these emails to strengthen your relationship. If it’s the guest’s first visit to the property, ask for their preferences and specifications. If the guest is returning, see if they have additional requests or need to update their personal profiles. The email serves many purposes. It confirms their reservation, shows the guest that the hotel cares about their experience, allows the hotel to personalize their visit, and provides key data for targeting future promotions.


Pinterest is Pinned as 2014’s Fastest-Growing Social Media Network

Pinterest is Pinned as 2014’s Fastest-Growing Social Media Network

It looks like Pinterest is the pin-up for all other social networks after the photo-sharing site recorded the largest percentage rise in active users out of all major social media networks last year. This impressive showing was revealed in a new poll of global internet users aged 16-64 by GlobalWebIndex. Apparently, Pinterest swept the board by gaining 97% more active users year-over-year. posted further findings to show which sites are spreading fast.