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Heart-Stopping PSA Strives to Revive NYC Organ Donations

Could the city that never sleeps be in the wake of a fatal collapse? That’s the gothic image of Gotham portrayed in a new 90-second public service announcement by Y&R for a campaign supporting the New York Organ Donor Network. The animated ad opens in Grand Central Station as its fabled clock slowly stops ticking. Dark clouds storm the sky, buildings crumble, and the Statue of Liberty hangs her head in sorrow as the city struggles to simply survive. Yet, the undying spirit of New Yorkers drives them out into the streets to save the city, bit by bit, including the top of the iconic clock. They build them into it a wondrous machine that resembles a beating human heart, which slowly seems to come to life and revive the city to its former glory. The ad closes with the tagline, Keep New York Alive, followed by heartfelt words about organ donation as viewers are sent to for details. featured the ad and explained the heart of its message.

New York currently has the second-to-lowest percentage of state residents registered as organ donors. A New Yorker dies waiting for an organ every 15 hours, yet less than one-quarter of the population are registered as organ donors.


3 Tips on How to Help Men “Man Up” About Seeking Medical Care

How to Help Men Man Up About Medical CareWhy is a man’s need to portray himself as strong often much stronger than his willingness to get much-needed medical care? While that tough facade can be bad for those men and the people who love them, it offers a good opportunity for marketers to tap into this strong-and-silent market and help men feel good about getting better. Women and their issues have always gotten lots of attention from healthcare brands. Perhaps it’s the willingness of women to talk about their medical needs, and then actively seek the proper care, that has led healthcare marketers and brands to make them a target of treatment. Or maybe it’s the fact that women make most of a family’s healthcare decisions that has made them the focus of healthcare marketing messages. Regardless of the reason, men have been overlooked for far too long, but that’s starting to change with the rise of male-focused centers and care options. For insight on how healthcare brands can reach this masculine market, offered ideas for making healthcare marketing and messages geared for guys.

Over the past few years, “men’s clinics” have been gaining momentum. One of the first was The Men’s Health Center at the Miriam Hospital in Rhode Island, which was followed a few years later by The Curtis D. Robinson Men’s Health Institute at St. Francis Care in Connecticut. This seemed to start a trend toward male-centric centers and now many more have opened all over the country to meet the specialized, yet often neglected, health needs of men.


Which Social Media Platform Boasts the Wealthiest Users?

The Wealthiest Social Media PlatformRetailers know that while consumers spend time on social media, they also tend to spend money on the products they see and share. This makes social media platforms direct links to revenue for retailers. As a result, many wonder which platform may pay off the most by possessing the wealthiest users. According to recent research from Adobe Digital Index, the rich spend more time on Tumblr than any other social media platform. reported on why the wealthy think Tumblr is worth their time.

Research has shown that Tumblr is perceived as more of an exclusive, luxury destination than the all-inclusive Facebook and Twitter platforms. While this may make Tumblr more of a niche network, this also makes it much more lucrative for retailers.


See What Travelers Really Want to See in Online Travel Videos

See What Travelers Really Want to See in Online Travel VideosDo your online travel videos play to your audience’s needs and interests? Today, online travel videos are a powerful and persuasive way to help hospitality brands stand out from the competition and bring in the bookings and business. Plus, producing online travel videos is a relatively inexpensive way for hotels to create memorable hospitality marketing content that stays with audiences and drives them to stay. And they’re popular with travelers, too. Online travel videos are watched by 69% of business travelers, 55% of leisure travelers, and 51% of affluent travelers today. But what do travelers want to see that will make them want to go? The answers can be found in the recent survey, Online Travel Videos: Best Practices to Boost Bookings Industry View 2014. It offered a closer look into the tastes and tendencies of travelers in terms of their online videos. Software Advice, a company that evaluates hotel management tools, focused on the findings to help hotel marketing experts create the most viewable and valuable videos.

Why Amenities are Necessities
According to the survey, 68% of respondents were most likely to book at a hotel after seeing the property’s amenities, such as its specific features and special facets. Yet only 32% would rush to reserve after viewing its nearby activities. This is because consumers have already decided on the location of their trip and are ready to move on the next step, which is choosing their specific hotel. At this point, they want to know more about the details of the property itself since it will determine this next decision in their planning process.


3 Tips for Gaining Social Media Acceptance from the C-Suite

Social Media Acceptance and the C-SuiteThe C-suite may be filled with the most powerful and influential executives in a company, yet according to a recent poll, only half of them realize the power and influence of social media. Many CEOs, CFOs, and CMOs have yet to see the value of social media and they’re missing out on valuable opportunities to connect with consumers and benefit the business. The C-suite regularly expresses concerns over brand image control, fear of feedback, regulatory restrictions, lack of experience, and ROI. But now that that social media marketing has become a multi-billion dollar industry employed by millions of companies worldwide, it may be easier for the C-suite to see how social media can contribute to the company’s image, success, and bottom line. To help change the mindset of executive minds, offered these top tips.

  1. Show and Sell Social Media – Many corporate executives are rather conservative and are skeptical of the unknown. Social media may be new to them, so rather than talk about it, help to get them on it. Encourage them to visit competitors’ pages and view the engagement between consumers and brands. Let them witness how brands are promoting their products, gaining exposure, building relationships, and generating sales with every social comment. Show them how brands have community managers who oversee the course of conversations and maintain control of the brand image. This will demonstrate how social media is enabling brands to both maximize and maintain control of their image while providing them with a competitive edge in the minds of consumers. Seeing social media in action should help reduce their concerns about the format. And knowing that competitors are rapidly gaining market share by engaging with their market should increase their desire to get in on the social media scene.


Creative Outdoor Advertising is Alive and “Wall” at Ikea

Creative Outdoor Advertising is Alive and “Wall” at IkeaIkea is literally showing its creative side by turning a fully furnished apartment sideways to serve as a vertical rock-climbing wall for a new billboard. The outstanding outdoor installation was created to celebrate the opening of the Swedish decor brand’s 30th store in France. By building the wall to resemble a well-appointed apartment that’s simply turned on its side, this stunning stunt is turning heads and turning the public into thrill-seeking climbers who navigate their way through the brand’s stylish offerings. provided a peek at Ikea’s off-the-wall outdoor advertising concept.

The billboard/rock-climbing wall is 9 meters high and 10 meters wide. It’s designed with safety-minded steps and grips to allow the passing public to scale the wall and make them themselves at home since the billboard was designed to look like a comfortable apartment. They can relax on the sofa, sit at the table, open the cabinets, and touch the accessories while they’re up in their harness and under the watchful eye of safety personnel.


The Best Time to Send Holiday-Themed Emails

When is the Best Time to Send Holiday-Themed Emails?

Themed marketing emails for holidays that typically do not involve gift-giving (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday) have the best open rates right before the holiday or actually on it, according to recent data from Yesmail Interactive.


How to Cure the Common Coldness of a Healthcare Call Center

Cure the Common Coldness of a Healthcare Call Center With the rise in aging Baby Boomers and empowered patients driving the demand for quality healthcare today, the competition for these new patients is fiercer than ever. Fortunately for the patient, this has raised the standards of healthcare to new heights. Yet for healthcare centers, this competitive environment has it made more and more difficult to stand out in the healthcare crowd. But since healthcare is a truly personal experience, the secret to becoming the first choice for care may depend on the first point of contact. In most healthcare cases, this first point of contact is the call center and it can make a lasting impression. It can define and direct the patient’s perception of the healthcare center’s care. A warm and caring experience on a patient’s first call to a healthcare center is viewed as a sign of the treatment to come. This is why it’s critical for call centers to make patients feel like they care about their care. For tips on turning your call center into a positive patient experience, prescribed the following regimen.

1. Answer Calls Promptly and Properly – Make sure that call center operators answer all phone calls as quickly as possible and are immediately engaged in the patient’s situation.


How Much Do Consumers Buy into Online Reviews?

How Much Do Consumers Buy into Online Reviews? Online reviews can affect how consumers perceive and believe in a business, at least according to the Local Consumer Review Survey 2014 which analyzed how online reviews affect and reflect on local businesses. Marketers know that consumers tend to trust the ratings and recommendations of a company’s customers more than many types of advertising, but the level of confidence they place in the feelings of fellow shoppers is absolutely astounding. For instance, the study shows that 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from their friends and family. And almost three-quarters of study participants trust a business more if it’s received positive reviews. These are just a few of the findings from the fourth annual survey, but posted more to show how much consumers value online reviews and why online reputation management (ORM) is so valuable in business.

Before online reviews can leave a lasting impression, they need to get a first glance. That’s why the survey strived to establish how much online reviews affect attitudes. The results reveal: CONTINUE READING THIS CONTENT »

Has Mobile Check-In Checked Out?

Evolution of the Mobile Check-InFoursquare made mobile check-in the “in” thing for the past few years, but this hot trend is no longer as cool as it was and marketers wonder if check-ins are now out. Yet a new case study from Denny’s challenges the notion that check-ins are worn out and may make marketers reconsider the power of the mobile method. To check out these results and see whether marketers think that check-ins can go the distance, featured all of the findings.

Check Out these Check-In Results
The recent Denny’s study focused on a check-in campaign to drive downloads for a mobile game created by the restaurant chain and Atari. As a result of the campaign: CONTINUE READING THIS CONTENT »

Now Facebook’s Mobile Ad “Audience Network” is Open for Business

Facebook’s Mobile Ad “Audience Network” is Now OpenCalling all advertisers and app developers—Facebook has opened up its targeting-powered, third-party app host ads to everyone, with the launch of Audience Network. This is big news because Audience Network is more than mere available ad inventory from Facebook’s site and apps through a direct buying interface. It’s actually a fast and friendly way to extend highly targeted Facebook ad buys across mobile apps to increase relevancy for users, improve results for advertisers, and expand inventory for publishers. explained how Audience Network will open up a world of ad opportunities.

Advertisers Can Maximize their Niche Reach
While Facebook has always provided outstanding ad exposure with its 1.32-billion user base, advertisers eventually exhausted its supply of highly specific demographic audiences. Advertisers could reach some of these people through the site’s advanced ad targeting, but they had to compete for these impressions and had to respect the audience’s tolerance for frequency. But now, Audience Network will empower advertisers to: CONTINUE READING THIS CONTENT »

Research Shows Social Media Ads Drive Consumers to Products

Social Media Ads Drive Consumers to ProductsSocial media is a platform for personal persuasion, with almost 40% of U.S. social media users saying that social media mentions affect their choices when researching products and services. Yet while some think that it’s only the reviews and recommendations from friends and fellow shoppers that have any impact, a new report from Mintel reveals that native advertising on social media by brands can also drive the decisions of shoppers. Countless companies have seen the success that native ads can deliver, which is why the total advertising spend on social media in the U.S. will surpass $11 billion by 2017. It’s also why native advertising is expected to grow even faster, soaring from $1.8 billion in 2013 to $9.4 billion by 2018. For more on how social media advertising can link brands to reach and results, shared highlights from the recent report.

Social media ads clearly click with consumers. The report shows: CONTINUE READING THIS CONTENT »

Who is Winning the Mobile Wallet War?

Amid the slew of products Apple unveiled last month—A big new phone! A bigger new phone! A watch! An updated operating system! A health tracker!—was one that slipped a bit under the radar: Apple Pay.

The lack of attention paid to this new mobile payment system is understandable—after all, it’s hard to break through the noise when there are two new iPhones to play with.


How a UK Snack Maker is Using Social Media to Increase Product Sampling

Walkers Crisps has launched a creative “Tweet to Eat” campaign in an effort to build buzz for its new flavors of chips. The project called for the installation of Twitter-powered vending machines in busy bus shelters throughout London. These interactive machines actually pass out free samples to passersby in exchange for tweets. To ensure that the machines captured attention, the company took vending to the ultimate virtual level by having the lifelike image of Walkers ambassador Gary Lineker sitting, snacking, and interacting with passersby inside of the vending machines. His virtual image encourages people to tweet for a free sample, and once the machine detects that a tweet has been sent, his image sends out a bag of chips to the hungry social media users. featured a video of the virtual vending machine to show how social media can be creatively used to promote product sampling.

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Better Fetch a Tissue Before Watching Budweiser’s New Drinking and Driving PSA

Budweiser is once again puttin’ on the dog in its latest public service announcement promoting responsible drinking. But rather than touch on alcohol or partying, the 60-second spot touches the heart with the story about the bond between a man and his dog. The ad captures the emotional sentiment of Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” ad, which was run during the last Super Bowl and became the most-watched Super Bowl ad of the year with nearly 52 million YouTube views to date. featured more on this ad PSA that shows how man’s best friend can be man’s best savior.

The Tale of a Wagging Tail