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Make Your Content Close the Sale for You

Make Your Content Close the Sale for YouThe days of the hard sell and pushy pitch are over. Today’s consumers are taking charge of the sales process and virtually leaving the salesperson out of it. When consumers determine a need, they no longer need to seek out the seller since a quick search on Google can lead them to content about any product or service. In fact, 70% to 90% of the buyer journey occurs before they ever contact a vendor. Since the salesperson no longer has a voice in the discovery process, sellers need to let their content make the sale for them. This holds true in both B2B and B2C industries where a new sales process has emerged, based on building buyer relationships by creating compelling content. While it can be difficult for growing companies and start-ups to develop relationships with a large audience, content marketing makes it easy by building your credibility and letting you become the buyer’s partner. To make your content make the sale, offered these tips.

  • Let Your Content Create the RelationshipToday, sales is about building meaningful customer relationships so buyers come directly to you when they’re ready to purchase. And the way to create those relationships is by meeting their needs through your content. Use your content to relate to prospects on a personal level and inform them how a product or service can meet all of their needs. Then through your content, your business can show its expertise and establish a bond of trust with the buyer that leads to a lasting relationship.


6 New Twitter Updates Worth Tweeting About

Twitter UpdatesTwitter is following a steady path of growth by continually developing new features and functionality to meet the real-time needs of the real world. The social media network’s latest innovations will provide new media and messaging, more relevant information, and much simpler social access. These additions will be rolled out in the coming year, but The Wall Street Journal profiled six that are certainly worth a mention.

 1.    New Apps on the Timeline – Twitter is striving to ensure relevance by investing in the development and debut of a number of new apps in the near future. This multi-app strategy shows that the company is serious about growth and improvement, yet they are declining to mention details about the apps on the way.


5 Digital Advertising Trends to Be Thankful for This Year

Digital Advertising Trends to Be Thankful ForDuring this time of giving thanks, let us not forget the key digital advertising trends of 2014.

Over the past year, the field has evolved rapidly, with a number of developments helping advertisers greatly. Yet too often we focus on the challenges of these changes rather than the benefits. So let’s step back and give them their due.


4 Reasons Smaller QSR Chains Can Deliver Bigger Changes to Satisfy Customers

 4 Reasons Smaller QSR Chains Can Deliver Bigger Changes to Satisfy Customers Many quick-service restaurant chains believe that “bigger is better,” but that’s not necessarily the case when change is on the menu. While large QSR chains must comply by strict operational guidelines to ensure consistency and efficiency, smaller chains have much more freedom to make changes based on customer feedback. With less pressure to follow management requirements, up-and-coming restaurant franchises can be much more responsive to customer insights and use their suggestions to make their business better. For a closer look how small restaurant chains have the big advantage of flexibility, sized up the situation.

No Surprises with Standardization
Of course, there is an element of comfort for customers in knowing their experience at a larger chain will be consistent in every store. This is fine if the customer is satisfied with the menu and the management. But if the customer believes that the chain could use improvement, their feedback has little impact on its large-scale systems.


5 Ways to Operate a Better Healthcare Blog

5 Ways to Operate a Better Healthcare Blog

Blogging has become big business over the past decade and now millions of people are posting their insights online on a daily basis. While the practice may have started with merely personal blogs, it has now expanded to businesses in every possible industry. The healthcare industry has seen major benefits from blogging. Along with helping medical marketers pitch their latest products, blogs also enable healthcare providers to promote their practices and connect with consumers at every stage of the healthcare journey. Plus, healthcare blogs also result in greater opportunities for search engine optimization (SEO), which boosts a provider’s exposure to patients and builds trust in their practice. To help your medical blog stand out from the rest and bring both readers and patients, prescribed these five strategies.


New York Post Makes Headlines with New Headline-Grabbing Ad Campaign

New Headline-Grabbing Ad Campaign from the New York Post

The New York Post hasn’t advertised for decades, preferring to focus on traffic-stopping, eye-popping content. But its recent digital re-launch has brought back ads to its pages that reflect its sensational style. In the bold campaign by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners in New York City, called “Made You Look,” the ads do just that—they make you stop, stare, and smile at their signature New York moxie. The campaign will extend across the paper’s experiential, out-of-home, digital, and trade efforts. gave a glimpse of these clever, cheeky ads that you’ve got to see to believe.


4 Trade-Offs for Major Trade Show Booth Mistakes

Ways to increase ROI at tradeshow
Do you keep showing up at trade shows and leaving with little to show for it? Unfortunately, some exhibitors continually make trade show marketing mistakes that sabotage their success. But savvy businesses know that one of the greatest tricks of the trade show lies in the look of the booth. They’ve learned how to create a compelling display that captures attention, clarifies their brand, and conveys their message in an impressive way that leaves an impression. To help exhibitors avoid everyday errors by refining the design of their trade show booths, revealed these four trade show secrets.

  •  Minimize Your Message – Too many exhibitors overload their displays with all of their marketing and graphics, but end up overwhelming their target audience. This results in a booth that lacks a clear message and ultimately leaves them lacking for prospects. Rather than show too much too soon, offer a little tease that piques the target’s interest and makes them want to learn more. Achieve this less-is-more approach by defining your business with a single large image and a few well-chosen words that draw people in and allow you to convey your message one-on-one.
  •  Focalize Your Brand Identity – Some exhibitors try to be all things to all people and end up with nothing but a display that doesn’t express their brand identity. Instead, let your brand identity be the focus of your entire booth to give people a clear and complete picture of your brand and your business.
  • Organize Your Interior – No matter how polished and professional your booth’s exterior, a cluttered interior will damage its impact. But presenting a streamlined and well-ordered interior display will serve as a reflection of the service your brand provides. Try using cabinets and shelves to hold your marketing materials, while keeping personal belongings out of view.


Ads Will Cover World’s Fastest Wi-Fi Coverage in New York City

Wi-Fi Coverage in New York CityAdvertising will literally pay off for NYC now that ads will be used to fund the city’s plan for the world’s fastest municipal Wi-Fi network. Through an Internet initiative called the LinkNYC program, the city will turn 10,000 out-of-date pay phones into high-tech hotspots offering speeds up to 200 times faster than some LTE connections. The program will provide instant Internet access to millions of people every day, all free of charge and free from data limits. And the program won’t tax the taxpayers because its costs will be completely covered by ads. reported on how the plan will provide New Yorkers with a steady connection to the Web, while connecting the city to a steady stream of ad revenue.

Ads Will Serve Many More Purposes


Follow Instagram’s “Brand” New Video Advertising Following

Folow instagram's Brand new video advertising
Instagram is making a play for ad revenue with its recent move into video advertising. The Facebook-owned photo-sharing site just launched its video ad program at the end of last month, but already has deals with big brands like Disney, Activision, Banana Republic, Lancome, and CW. The social media site plans to roll out these new 15-second auto-play video ads over the next few weeks. posted more on how marketers and brands can use Instagram’s new video ads to improve a brand’s image.

Just like with its static image ads launched last year, Instagram is using an extremely hands-on approach with its video advertising. The company insists on working closely with brands and reviewing all clips to ensure that their content is fresh, fun, and fit for the photo platform. Rather than accept repurposed TV commercials, Instagram expects brands to create content that’s relevant to its format and followers. And the targeting of video ads on Instagram lets marketers reach people by age, gender, and country.


Can Social Media Beef Up the Image of McDonald’s Food?

Can Social Media Beef Up the Image of McDonald’s Food? While fast-casual restaurants continue to eat up market share of the restaurant industry, McDonald’s is eating its heart out after four months of declining U.S. same-store sales. The problem appears to lie in the perception of the food. Fast-casual restaurants are seen as serving fresh and healthy menu options, while fast food places like McDonald’s are believed to sell food that’s unhealthy and not natural. Now, McDonald’s is hungry to improve the view of its food and thinks that social media is the recipe for changing people’s perceptions. This has led McDonald’s to launch a new social media campaign designed to take real questions from consumers and deliver real-time answers. reported on whether this approach to social media will bring consumers back to the table.

McDonald’s has long believed that consumers want value and novelty. As a result, they’ve focused on rolling out special price promotions and new menu items.


The 3 Keys to Creating a Successful Online Quiz

The 3 Keys to Creating a Successful Online Quiz
The online quiz has seemingly been part of the digital toolkit since the dawn of the Internet Age, yet the tactic has rarely gotten the spotlight. For the most part, quizzes have been overshadowed by their content cousins, the text-heavy workhorses (articles, blog posts, email, etc.) and sexy new multimedia channels (videos, social games, interactive apps, etc.).

However, the humble quiz is finally having a moment—a really, really big moment. An analysis by Buzzsumo of 100 million articles published late last year and early this year found eight of the top 10 most-shared pieces were quizzes (seven from BuzzFeed, one from The New York Times).


12 Product Designs that Defined the 20th Century

Product Designs that Define the 20th CenturyProduct design is a powerful thing. It appeals to aesthetics, speaks to the senses, and discerns a brand as the best. On rare occasions, a product design is so ingenious it exalts an idea to an icon. CNN asked the world’s top designers to name the greatest designs of the past 100 years. The network also spoke to Gianfranco Zaccai, CEO of global design and innovation firm Continuum, whose team has designed many well-known products from the largest brands for the past 30 years.

According to Mr. Zaccai, the top three principles of good design are empathy, pragmatism, and passion. Empathy is essential because it’s the realization that you are designing for others beyond yourself. This means you have to put yourself in others’ shoes to relate to their needs and lives. Pragmatism is helpful because it grounds your idea in reality and makes you focus on practical things like production, performance, and price. And the final factor is passion, which turns creativity into creation.


Use Social Media to Update Your Old Sales Methods

For decades, marketing was seen as a science based on the sales funnel. This path to purchase was tasked to take prospects from first look to final sale and then repeat the process over and over. Eventually, the sales funnel got hit hard by the software age and this spawned a new industry called customer relationship management (CRM.) This merged the traditional with the digital to leverage software to help companies locate and land leads, and then proceed through the steps of the sales funnel. Soon after, social media networked its way into our lives and now that social media has gone viral, the sales funnel has become a relic and reminder of a simpler time before customers began following their own trail to sale and discovering products in their own personal ways. The path to purchase is no longer direct, but rather directed by distractions, recommendations, promotions, and emotions that are all the result of social media. The sale used to be the final step, but it’s now just the start of the journey. So what are marketers to do when their traditional tactics based on the sales strategies of yesterday don’t click with the social times of today? offered advice on updating traditional marketing methods to reflect and connect with our social media mindset.

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter offer a new and nonlinear way for consumers to contact brands and to discover and compare their products. While this consumer-driven interaction makes it difficult for marketers to track and react to every social media mention, there’s no denying that social media can be extremely effective at leading more prospects into the top of the sales funnel. Social media may redirect control of the purchasing path away from marketers and toward consumers, but it also streamlines the entire sales cycle and offers many more entry and exit points.


3 Reasons Medical Websites Must Be Optimized for Mobile, Stat!

3 Reasons Why Medical Websites Must Be Optimized for Mobile, Stat
As mobile devices likes smartphones and tablets have gone from novelty to necessity, mobile usage has reached epic proportions as consumers are now able to access the Web from anywhere, at any time. Websites may have originally been designed for desktop dimensions, but the popularity of smaller screens has made it critical to optimize their proportions for viewing on mobile devices. While many medical practices have realized this urgent need and have already optimized their websites, some are still operating with sites that cannot be viewed or used on mobile devices. To see why optimizing your website for mobile is such an emergency, featured the following vital reasons.

  1. Mobile Patients Have No Patience – While desktop users usually search and surf the Web at a leisurely rate, mobile users are typically on the go or rushed to find immediate answers. They want fast facts, like your location and phone number, and don’t want to wait. Optimized websites load quickly and let them view practice information with ease. Non-optimized sites either take too long to load or are difficult to view and use, which makes prospective patients give up and look up another practice.
  2. Mobile Sites Develop Trust – Mobile sites make a practice look better. If users can’t access a practice’s website from their from their mobile devices, they question the quality and credibility of the doctor. But having a mobile-optimized website makes the practice seem reputable and successful, which turns users into patients.
  3. 25% of All Web Searches are Made On the Move With mobile sites receiving so much daily traffic, practices that haven’t made their websites mobile-friendly are crippling their SEO progress. This weakens their search rankings and stifles their success.


Is It Time to Change the Channel for TV Metrics?

Changing TV Metrics?For decades, Nielsen has been the reigning media ratings system. It’s a tried-and-true metrics system based on TV audience and it’s been the driving force behind advertising sales. But today, social media like Twitter is redefining the ratings game by basing a TV show’s popularity on its number of followers and the amount of conversations it generates. And since Nielsen’s highest-rated shows are rarely the ones getting Twitter talking, media buyers are faced with the challenge of deciding which shows are best to buy. The Wall Street Journal reported on which metrics and channels are worth watching when making media buys.

Rating the Ratings