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What This Recent Google Search Change Means for Hotel Marketing

Recent Google Search Change and the impact on Hotel Marketing
Sometimes a little change can have a big impact.

That certainly seems to be the case with a seemingly small addition Google made recently to its city-related search results. If you run a query for a term such as “Miami, FL” you’ll notice that Google’s Knowledge Graph—the box of immediately available information presented alongside results—now includes a line like this: “Hotels: 3-star averaging $220, 5-star averaging $620. View hotels.”


MSNBC to Broadcast Buzz-Worthy News in Two Daily Facebook Videos

MSNBC to Broadcast News in Two Daily Facebook Videos Traditional news has been going digital in recent years in order to reach younger audiences with news in new ways. This has led cable news network MSNBC to develop two new programs that will first air on Facebook before hitting the airwaves. These programs will be two daily videos, with a morning edition for breaking news and an evening version for shocking events. just shared the scoop on the social media story.

“If we’re serious about reaching younger audiences where they are, we have to create content in the formats that work for the platforms where they live,” said MSNBC president, Phil Griffin.


Twitter Tests “TV Timelines” to Line Up Timely Talk on TV Shows

Twitter Tests “TV Timelines” to Line Up Timely Talk on TV Shows Twitter is channeling TV in a more social direction that could change the status of second-screen viewing. The social media network recently conducted a clever experiment that would let TV-loving users manage and maximize their mobile Twitter TV conversations. The concept is called TV Timelines and it’s basically a TweetDeck for TV. tuned in on why it’s a concept worth watching.

TV Traditions are Socially Shifting
The growth of second-screen viewing has made TV increasingly social in recent years. According to Nielsen research, at least 15% of TV viewers enjoy watching programs more when they involve social media. And despite the demand for on-demand viewing and DVR recording, live TV is still alive and well with U.S. adults watching more than five hours of live TV every day. Apparently, the biggest change in not when we watch, but how we watch, because viewers now are simultaneously engaging on social media while they’re watching their favorite shows. And many turn to Twitter to talk in real time about these programs.


Facebook Messenger App Adds a Personal Connection to Online Shopping

Facebook 8- messenger newsWhat’s the big deal about Facebook’s new Messenger Business app? The way it will let customers deal directly with businesses. Just as Messenger allows friends to talk online, Messenger Business will provide this personal connection between customers and companies. It will let shoppers chat and check with sellers about every stage of an online purchase. Messenger Business was only one of two new features just announced at Facebook’s annual F8 developer conference. The other was Messenger Platform, which will provide developers with a platform for letting people install their apps and use in their Messenger conversations. posted more about both of these new features, but below is a closer look at what the Business Messenger app will offer to buyers and businesses.

Benefits for Businesses
Along with bringing companies closer to customers, Facebook’s new Messenger app will increase the ease and efficiency of online and mobile shopping for sellers. Other business advantages include: CONTINUE READING THIS CONTENT »

How Healthcare Marketing Should Take Care of Engaging Consumers

How Healthcare Marketing Should Take Care of Engaging Consumers Healthcare marketing is changing at such a rapid rate that many tried-and-true methods no longer lead to results. While brands boasting about their benefits may have worked well in the past, today’s consumers are much more concerned with what their peers think of a brand. That’s why they search for healthcare opinions and options on social media channels. To help brands see the value of this supportive social media setting, offered advice on getting social with their healthcare marketing.

Healthcare marketing has gone in a digital direction, especially for the discovery phase, as consumers search for solutions. Today, consumers are going online to seek answers, advice, and assistance on all kinds of health matters. Some start their searches on Google, while others turn to trusted blog writers, find facts on medical websites, or establish online forums.


5 Steps to Connect with the Correct Social Media for Your Brand

Connect with the Correct Social Media for Your BrandThe social media landscape is large, so it can be challenging to choose which sites are right for your business. But with 1.73 billion people on social media platforms worldwide, your company can’t afford to ignore its priceless potential. To help you figure out which social channels best suit your brand’s needs, shared five social media marketing strategies.

1. Pick Popular Platforms
Social media is all about exposure, so be sure to select the social media sites with the highest amount of users. The leaders have long been Facebook, with more than a billion monthly users, and Twitter, which claims more than two million. Include either or both of these platforms in your overall social media marketing strategy to ensure maximum reach and response.


Facebook Tries Placing Ads That Arrive When You Arrive at Places

Facebook Ads That Arrive When You Arrive at Places
Facebook is going places and wants others to follow. The social media network is exploring ways to get people to explore nearby businesses and locations by having ads pop up on their mobile devices when they pop into a store or visit a landmark. One service is called Place Tips and it would serve Facebook’s goal of gaining location-based market share from Yelp and Foursquare. The company is currently testing Place Tips in popular destinations and landmarks throughout New York City. Facebook is also testing a Bluetooth beacon service in several New York City stores that sends ads to people’s mobile devices as they enter the shop. These services could signal a new geo-targeting presence for Facebook and enable the network to continue expanding beyond its social media circle. The U.K.’s Daily Mail posted more on these possibilities that would take Facebook advertising to exciting new places.

Placing Trust in Place Tips


3 Ways Hospitality Brands Can Open the Door to More Online Reviews

Hospitality Brands Get More Online ReviewsToday, travelers visit online review sites to help them decide which places to visit. They trust the reviews of others and let these comments affect their choices. Guests choose to post reviews, so travel brands have no control over their volume or viewpoints. And these online reviews can play a major role in a brand’s search rankings on TripAdvisor and other travel sites. The higher the number of online reviews, the higher a brand appears in search rankings when travelers search for destinations. So if a brand wants to reach more travelers, they need to reach out to more reviewers by responding to their comments. To learn how to get more guest reviews and encourage prior visitors to become brand ambassadors, discovered these three ways to welcome more praise.

1. Stay Consistent – Every visit makes an impression, so impress every visitor by treating them well every time. Consistency is hard to find, especially in hospitality, since brands often either concentrate on catering to frequent guests or focus on first-time visitors. But your staff must be committed to providing superior service at every moment for every guest. Remember, the quality of your staff determines the quality of the stay. So if your staff strives to satisfy every guest at every moment, your hotel will win them over for many happy returns.


Touching on Emotions is a Sign of the Times in Samsung TV Ad

Samsung is known for being in touch with technology, so when the company’s latest ad featured a touching display of compassion, it touched on the growing trend of companies using human emotions to sell their products. This poignant spot from Samsung revealed how a simple act of human kindness can leave a greater impression on audiences than slick spots for complex gadgets. posted the ad to show how even brands more accustomed to impressing than expressing can stir up emotions in their TV advertising to stir up sales.

In the ad, an entire Turkish town learned sign language to help their hearing-impaired neighbor feel more comfortable in their community. This gesture was a total surprise to the neighbor as it was gradually revealed to him throughout an average day.


Let SlideShare Lead You to Lead Generation

Let SlideShare and Lead Generation
If you’re looking for leads, look to SlideShare. It’s a social media marketing tool for sharing powerful presentations to help you market your business. The tool was created by LinkedIn, the leading professional social media network. If anyone knows about lead generation, it’s a leader like LinkedIn. By blending the visual value of SlideShare with enormous reach of that social media network, your brand is a displayed on a global stage and exposed to millions of contacts. It’s a mighty marketing partnership that presents a world of potential through the power of presentations. To see how this lead generation tool can generate business for you, presented its leading benefits.

Collect Contact Facts for Later Contact
Follow-up is the key to conversion
and SlideShare tracks the people who downloaded your presentations to allow you to follow up. The tool collects the contact data of the leads who watched your video and then emails you this information so you can contact them personally. It helps you build your marketing database with very little effort.


Why Online Political Ads Don’t Register Like TV Campaigns

Online Political Ads Don’t Register Like TVPolitical advertising has always been just the ticket for reaching voters. But while TV advertising has claimed the majority of political spending for decades, the rise of online advertising has added a new medium to the ballot and now digital marketing contends for political spend. Yet online advertising has been slow to catch on with candidates who still believe that broadcast is best. The New York Times took a look at the issues keeping online advertising down in the polls.

What Online Advertising Brings to the Race
For all of the power and popularity of TV advertising, it is still an expensive effort, especially in major markets. But producing a polished online ad can be done at a much lower cost. Politicians need to be savvy with spending, so online advertising is an alternative for cost-conscious candidates.


How Del Monte Served Up Season’s Eatings by Packaging Seasonal Content

 Del Monte Content MarketingJust like fruits and vegetables, content is best when it’s fresh and in season. Del Monte seems to agree, especially after their content marketing campaign this past Thanksgiving achieved consumer interaction rates that were 220% above the industry standard. They savored this success by cooking up an entire content marketing strategy around the traditional green bean casserole. While it’s rare for consumer product goods brands to run content marketing campaigns, the green bean casserole is practically synonymous with Thanksgiving and Del Monte wanted their brand to gain that same perception. explained their recipe for results.

Ingredients of Interest
Around Thanksgiving, consumers are focused on the food they are going serve and share around the holiday table. Del Monte appealed to this interest by creating content to help consumers prepare a stress-free, flavorful Thanksgiving meal. The campaign ran from November 3 through December 2 to coincide with the Thanksgiving season.


New Facebook Ad Format Uses Consumers’ Social Media Snapshots

New Facebook Ad Format uses Snapshots Advertising is taking a page from social media by taking actual photos from it. This new ad format is called Predictive Consumer Generated Ads and it lets brands place consumers’ real-life photos from Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Vine into the Facebook ads they place. The format enables brands to retarget Facebook users with more relevant, subtle ads that literally reflect the way they live. shared more on how using social media photos could be a picture-perfect ad approach.

A Truly Consumer-Focused Strategy
Social media photos already have a presence in many major advertising campaigns, but this is the first time they’re being used for Facebook ad campaigns.


New Google Search Algorithm Favors Mobile-Friendly Sites

Google Search Algorithm Prefers Mobile-Friendly Sites
Google recently announced two significant changes to its search algorithm, both to take place on April 21, 2015. The first involves prominently featuring content from indexed apps in search results for signed-in users who have the apps installed. The second, more far-reaching change will put greater emphasis on a site’s mobile friendliness in determining how well it ranks in search results conducted on mobile devices. According to Google, “This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high-quality search results that are optimized for their devices.”

For those who have already optimized their websites for mobile, this will be good news as it gives them an advantage over those who have not. Conversely, those who’ve delayed making their sites more mobile friendly will likely lose page views.


Examine the Top Trends in Healthcare Social Media

Examine the Top Trends in Healthcare Social Media Social media is vital for healthcare brands and businesses and they must stay on top of the trends to develop healthy social media strategies. Luckily, a number of new reports have carefully analyzed social media data and discovered important insights that can help in healthcare marketing. To see what’s prescribed for social media success, shared these helpful health-focused findings.

Face the Force of Facebook
Facebook is the global leader in social media. Consider these stunning statistics from Pew Research Center: CONTINUE READING THIS CONTENT »

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