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LinkedIn Boosts its Social Media Standing with New App, Elevate

LinkedIn Boosts its Social Media Standing with New App, Elevate
LinkedIn is known for helping business professionals find and share contacts, and now the social media network wants to help them find and share content with its new app, Elevate. Elevate is a paid mobile and desktop app that helps professionals collect high-quality content, and then share those links on social media networks and track their overall impact. Both the iOS and Android apps are available for download, but people must pay for the app in order to use it. LinkedIn just announced the new app and plans for widespread availability by Q3 of this year. posted more on how LinkedIn developed Elevate to help more people get more social.

The Elements of Elevate
Elevate helps professionals stay active on social media by providing them with content to share. The app recommends articles to users, and then lets them schedule and share those links across LinkedIn and Twitter. The company eventually plans to expand this reach to Facebook and other social media networks. Article recommendations are based on algorithms from LinkedIn’s news services Pulse and Newsle, along with “human curation.” Once the articles have been shared, the app lets users track their performance.


5 Important Ways Social Media Will Boost Your Brand’s Value

Ways Social Media Will Boost Your Brand’s ValueFor business owners, social media is worth more than personal connections and can actually affect their company’s worth. A social media marketing strategy that’s effective, efficient, and executed well can increase a company’s valuation and earn the business a better image. To get the most value from social media to improve your valuation, featured five solid ways to capitalize on this thriving channel.

1. Acquire Better Brand Awareness


What Food Retailers Have in Store to Bag Millennials

Food Retailers attract MillennialsMillennials have their own specific shopping styles, which require that retailers use unique tactics. And when the focus is on the food they buy, these youthful consumers opt to shop at the stores that support their communities and help shoppers learn about food. These Millennial views on food were the focus of a retail panel at the recent FMI Midwinter Executive Conference in Miami Beach. featured more of their food findings to help retailers reach Millennials in the market.

Local Efforts Entice
Millennials love the local perspective of supporting surrounding communities. They feel similarly in the supermarket, so they try to buy local brands, organic options, and products produced nearby.


Check Up On Ways That Mobile Technology is Reviving Healthcare

Mobile Technology is Reviving Healthcare
Mobile technology works well with consumers’ busy lives, and now it’s expected to help them stay well throughout their lives. This was the focus of a new report conducted by The Economist called, “Power to the Patient: How Mobile Technology Is Transforming Healthcare.” It made the case for how mobile technology is poised to change healthcare by adapting how care is administered and accessed over the next few years. According to industry experts, mobile will improve healthcare outcomes, lower costs, and help underserved communities receive the care they need. And mobile may advance medicine by providing access to big data to allow for better care. Yet with all this momentum mounting for mobile, it’s important for healthcare professionals to understand how it’s viewed and valued. To discover how mobile technology could breathe new life into healthcare, review these revelations that were dispensed in the report.

Professional Prescriptions


Multi-Media Spectacles Indicate a Growing Trend for Native Advertising

Multi-Media's Growing Trend to Native Advertising Just as the line between art and life sometimes blurs, so does the line between editorial and advertising. As native advertising gets more sophisticated, and more respectable publications venture into their making, the future for this new ad form has never looked rosier. Forget those thinly veiled sales attempts of advertorials from decades past. This new breed of native ads has morphed into multi-media spectacles, subtly promoting a brand’s story through artfully written prose that’s interspersed with sophisticated audio, video, and interactive graphics.

Netflix, in particular, is leading the foray with not one, but three recent native ad spectacles featured in prominent publications. The latest in The Atlantic promotes the original Netflix series, “House of Cards.” An elaborate article features the show’s fictitious first couple as part of a broader piece exploring partnerships between real-life presidents and their first ladies.


Lexus Outdoor Advertising Goes High-Tech Down Under

Lexus Outdoor Advertising Goes High-Tech Down UnderLexus is rolling out sky-high ads with a sci-fi air. The automaker is installing billboards in Australia equipped with targeting technology that can tailor messages to drivers based on their car type as they approach the ad. While people expect personalized messages while on the Web or in promotional emails, the use of this targeting on outdoor ads elevates the technology to a brand new level. reported on how this new digital outdoor advertising campaign is driving billboard ads in a whole new direction.

The Technique to the Technology
Each billboard contains a camera that takes a photo of the vehicle as it veers near the sign. The ad’s built-in smart system uses this photo to measure and match the car according to its detailed database to identify its color, model, and brand.


Get Set for Google’s Update by Making Your Website Mobile Friendly

Get set - update your site for mobileOnly 11 days to go until Google updates their algorithm once again, and it should matter to you because it will matter to your business. With the new algorithm, a website’s mobile friendliness will rank greatly in its search ranking, so you want to make sure that your website is optimized for mobile viewing to earn an optimal search ranking. But since time is tight, you need to act fast and find out if your site can meet the mobile-friendly demands of the update. Luckily, offered a helping hand with three fast, friendly, and free tools to test your site’s mobile-friendliness factor.

Say Hello to Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test
Get Google’s approval before the update by testing every website page to see if it passes Google’s guidelines. To access the test, simply enter your website’s URL into Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. If your page is perceived as mobile friendly, a green banner will appear. If your page requires a friendlier format, Google will indicate that that the web page needs work and offer some reasons why. The most prevalent problems preventing a website from being mobile friendly include: CONTINUE READING THIS CONTENT »

4 Reasons Why Real Voices on the Phone Are Important to Online Sales

Why Real Voices Are Important to Online SalesDespite the convenience of online shopping, there’s comfort in the in-store experience that allows for personal interaction and the ability to speak to real salespeople when deciding on a purchase. While online shopping offers many benefits, it’s often lacking the assurance of live interaction to ease the online purchase process. But now research has shown that personal interaction can make a major difference in buying behavior. By enabling consumers to engage with human voices on the phone, more consumers line up to purchase. To show the value of the human voice, bagged these four findings.

1. Phone Calls Ring Up 15 Times More Revenue Than Web Leads
Web leads are valuable, but it’s inbound calls from these online leads that lead to the conversions that companies value. In fact, a BIA Kelsey study confirmed that consumer calls convert to 10–15 times more revenue than Web leads. Study statistics showed that 29% of all inbound calls led to a sale, reservation, or appointment. Yet only 2% of all Web leads resulted in conversion. Researchers concluded that phone calls converted more than 10 times better than online completion forms. Companies can see a major difference in conversions from phone calls, but they must be sure to staff their call centers with enough salespeople to handle their call volume.


Twitter Tweaks Its Retweet Feature to Allow Retweet with Response

twitter_tweaks_its_retweet_featureTwitter has responded to users’ desire to add more of their own commentary to a retweet by adding a new comment feature. Before, users could either manually copy and paste a tweet’s original text into a new tweet or mobile users could use the quote tweet button and squeeze in their comments. This made it increasingly difficult as users still had to abide by the 140 character limit. Now, the retweet button lets users add their personal comments to a retweet and embeds the original tweet below, retaining its original context. posted more on the feature and shared how it works.

This retweet revamp is only the latest in Twitter’s evolution to make the service more aesthetically pleasing and allows users to add more of their own thoughts when sharing an article.


7 Ways Independent Hotels Can Stay on Top If a Big Brand Arrives Nearby

Hotel, resort and hospitality marketing

Independent hotels have built their business on warmly welcoming new arrivals, but when the arrival is a new big-brand hotel, that welcome may not be as warm. But independent hotels shouldn’t worry that big chains will take their business, as long as they have solid hotel marketing strategies for maintaining their market share. To help independent hotels keep guests reserving and returning, offered these trusted tactics.


Facebook 3.0: How the Social Network Became a Content Platform

How the Facebook Became a Content PlatformOn February 18, MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” show led with a story about a statement Jeb Bush had posted online.

The hosts heatedly argued about the content of the statement—executive authority and immigration—but no one thought there was anything strange at all about the platform it had been made on: Facebook.


How Google’s Knowledge Graph Results Will Impact Healthcare Marketing

HGoogle’s Knowledge Graph and Healthcare Marketing
A few weeks ago Google announced that search results for common health-related topics will soon include relevant facts in its Knowledge Graph. In other words, key information related to many medical issues—such as certain diseases’ symptoms and treatments—will appear directly alongside site links.

Given that these sorts of queries are so common—Google estimates that one in 20 searches is health-related—this shift will likely have a huge impact on how consumers engage with medical information.


How 9 Brands Ace Social Media Marketing on Facebook

Brands Ace FacebookFace it, it can difficult for brands to stand out on Facebook among the millions of brands vying for fans. But now nine clever brands have become social standouts with social media marketing tactics that click with fans. These companies range in size and scope, but profiled these brands to share their strategies for success.

1. Nike Just Does It with 22.6 Million Likes
Nike has worked hard to become a global brand, but their Facebook page is refreshingly free of hard-sell promotions. Instead, their page is a mix of new products, science, charitable efforts, and motivation. They leverage their well-known logo by incorporating it into their cover photo, shared photos, and a branded hashtag. They highlight their research and innovation to distinguish themselves from competitors. Nike manages to infuse a consistent brand image into an “umbrella” account, along with separate pages for each product line to target their various markets.


Why B2B Marketing Strategists Should Bank on Millennials

B2B Marketing and Millennials Millennials are coming up the corporate ladder, which is making them the up-and-coming buying base for B2B marketers. Today, Millennials make up 46% of potential B2B buyers, making them the largest generational group in the market for B2B products. This business outlook was revealed in a new study from Google and Millward Brown Digital research, which noted an almost 20% increase since 2012 in the number of Millennials browsing and buying B2B products. posted more on why B2B marketing experts should strive to keep the company of more Millennials.

The Corporate Shake-Up


Throwback Thursday Memories Keep Myspace in Your Mind Today

Throwback Thursday Keeps Myspace aliveIf you thought that Myspace was a social media memory, think again, because the early photo-sharing platform is still on minds today due to the popularity of Throwback Thursday (#TBT) posts. This social start-up that started everyone on social media has now earned a niche as network for nostalgia that draws 50.6 million unique visitors each month. To see how Myspace has remained in our hearts and minds today, shared the big picture.

As we all recall, Myspace was the forerunner to Facebook that brought hip, young adults onto the social media scene through its focus on sharing music and pop culture in the early 2000s. But after a few years, Myspace was replaced by the friend-focused force of Facebook, which caused the network to net fewer and fewer visitors.


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