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IBM’s Watson Influenced Kia’s Picks for Super Bowl Social Influencers

To develop a game plan for its seventh Super Bowl ad campaign, Kia Motors relied on hard-hitting software to select a roster of social media influencers to promote its Super Bowl ad, starring actor Christopher Walken. The automaker handed off the choice of social media influencers to IBM’s artificial intelligence software known as Watson, which is notorious for defeating the top human competitors on “Jeopardy.” Kia picked Watson for its ability to filter through the language used on social media to find the social influencers who possess characteristics the brand believed would appeal to its target audience. revealed more about Kia’s strategy to add social media influencers to the all-star lineup for its Super Bowl ad.

Play-by-Play of the Super Bowl Ad


Lights, Camera, Action! How to Perfect Your Vine Strategy [Infographic]

Vine StrategyMost brands have heard of Vine through the grapevine, but some aren’t sure how much it can help their business. Vine is a mash-up of the hottest trends today, which are Instagram and video. It’s basically the video version of Instagram and it’s one of the fastest-growing apps. With Vine, users produce six-second looping videos, which can be addictive to watch. Since its community is younger and more cinematic than Instagram’s, Vine provides brands with excellent exposure to a trend-seeking, buzz-building audience. To show the value of Vine for brands, posted an infographic created by SurePayroll. It features all kinds of must-see findings on how brands can use Vine to increase and improve their business, from facts on its popularity to tips for creating content. Here’s a sneak peek at its highlights:

Why Vine Is an App for Brands to Watch CONTINUE READING THIS CONTENT »

4 Major Pitfalls of DIY Website Builders for Businesses

Major Pitfalls of DIY Website Builders Over the past few years, advertisements for DIY website builders have seemingly been everywhere. Weebly and Squarespace have bombarded business owners with spots encouraging them to dream big and avoid the pitfalls of the Internet; now Wix is set to outdo both with an epic ad campaign that involves a DreamWorks partnership and real-time produced ad.

The marketing investment is clearly paying off; exact numbers are hard to come by, but it’s estimated that these platforms now host 100+ million websites.


5 Critical Changes Healthcare Marketers Must Make for Healthy Outcomes

CriticaChange Healthcare Marketers Must MakeWith the rapidly changing nature of healthcare, many organizations are changing their typical healthcare marketing strategies. In recent years, healthcare organizations and hospitals have been spending more on advertising that emphasizes consumer education and patient engagement. The primary goal has been to keep the public informed about important healthcare issues, with the secondary aim to convert more people into patients. But that’s just one of the many ways that healthcare organizations are re-shaping their marketing strategies to the meet the needs of healthcare consumers who are more empowered than ever. shared more of the ways that healthcare marketing is changing with the times and its targets.

Change #1: Higher Ad Spending
From 2011 to 2014, hospitals, medical centers, and clinics spent 33% more on advertising. The majority of that ad spend went toward television, while their digital ad spending more than doubled during those years. And Kantar Media data showed that hospitals, medical centers, and clinics spent close to $2 billion on all kinds of advertising last year, which was a notable increase from the $1.5 billion spent in 2011.


The Secret Science Behind the Art of Clickbait

ClickbaitWhat drives online readers to quickly click on an article? It’s called clickbait, which is content on the Web that doesn’t fulfill its headline’s promise. Clickbait has infiltrated the Internet and has led to great online frustration. But rather than blame yourself for falling for this digital manipulation, realize that science is the culprit behind clickbait. Numerous studies have found that behavioral science plays a part—the role of emotion in our daily decisions and a simplicity-seeking brain cause us to click. shared more on how the way you think can make you click without thinking.

The Magic Potion for Emotion
Clickbait isn’t all in your head. Digital writers and editors craft compelling headlines that are made to capture your attention. These headlines play on emotions like anger, fear, and excitement. And even though you may sense this manipulation, it’s simply irresistible and causes you to click. According to research, this is mainly attributed to emotion arousal and how it affects the decision-making process. When strong emotions are aroused, people tend to respond. With clickbait articles, that response is a click.


3 Proven Tactics for Getting More Online Reviews

Getting More Online Reviews

Online Reviews Are the Key to Local Business Marketing Success
For years, digital marketers and SEO specialists have considered content to be a critical marketing priority. This is especially true for local companies dependent on Google organic search to drive area residents to their businesses. “Long form” content, which is typically more useful and engaging than a standard blog post, is now the reigning standard for small businesses to accommodate. Still, despite the best efforts to produce compelling, engaging, and generally entertaining media, it’s often not enough to build visibility in competitive markets.


Facebook Kicks Off Sports Fan Hub to Stay Competitive in Super Bowl


Which Luxury Jewelers Have the Golden Touch with Digital Marketing?

Luxury Jewelers and Digital Marketing?After initially hesitating to move in a digital direction, luxury jewelry and watch brands have realized that they can’t afford to do without digital marketing. Today, more and more luxury brands are embracing digital marketing and discovering great success. But which luxury jewelry and watch brands have the highest digital status? According to a recent report and ranking of the digital performance of consumer brands by L2, only Tiffany & Co. and Cartier earned the mark of digital distinction. shared more from the report for an exclusive look at the luxury jewelry and watch brands with a wealth of digital skill.

Discerning the Best in Digital
L2 regularly ranks the digital performance of consumer brands with a proprietary formula. This year’s report analyzed 66 leading brands, with their score based 40% on their website and e-commerce abilities, 35% on their digital marketing acumen, 15% on their mobile and tablet offerings, and 10% on their overall social media efforts.


You Won’t Believe How Many Americans Are Constantly Online

1746-475x256-you-wont-believe-how-many-americans-are-constantly-onlineDid you know that Americans are logging more time logging on to the Internet than ever? According to a recent Pew Research Center survey, 21% of Americans say they’re almost constantly online, while 73% of Americans go online daily. To learn more about Americans’ time and tendencies online, featured more findings to show our ways on the Web.

While Pew Research has previously conducted surveys about Internet frequency, this is the first time that participants were given the response option of “almost constantly.” While this reveals Americans’ enormous dependence on digital technology, there is also no way to measure just how much this segment has grown over the past few years.


New E-book: B2B Marketing 2016: 5 Digital Must-Dos

As B2B marketers dive into 2016, which digital tactics should they be devoting additional budget to? What are the best approaches to focus on?

Overall, digital is expected to become an even more essential part of B2B organizations’ marketing plans this year. Some 98% of B2B companies increased their digital spend last year, and that number is expected to be matched in 2016.


Why Hotels Should Have No Reservations About Using Digital Marketing

Hotel digital marketingIn the ever-increasing and always-changing hotel industry, it can be hard for a hotel to stay competitive. But the key to gaining attention and a solid business advantage is to use digital marketing. offered six simple ways to help your hotel make the most of digital marketing.

1. Stay in Sight and in Mind With AdWords’ Hotel Ads


Healthcare Marketing Budgets 2016: 5 Must-Watch Digital Trends [Infographic]

healthcare-marketing-infographicWith so many choices and channels for healthcare marketing in 2016, healthcare marketers must have their fingers on the pulse of the top tactics, trends, and technology to spend their budgets wisely and well. To plan the most effective and cost-effective marketing strategies, it’s essential to know which areas will have the greatest growth, the most opportunity, and make the biggest impact on healthcare consumers. Fortunately, MDG Advertising’s new e-book, called Healthcare Marketing Budgets 2016: 5 Must-Watch Digital Trends, examines the healthcare landscape for 2016. It uncovers the major factors and findings affecting the overall healthcare experience to identify which segments are worthy of investment. To spend your budget better and make the most of your healthcare marketing, check up on some of the highlights of the e-book in this vital infographic.

1. Investing in Informative Content


Is Social Media the Ticket to Winning the 2016 Presidential Election?

1755-blog-475x256In these digitally driven days, social media has put a whole new spin on political spin. Today’s candidates are expressing their personal platforms on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. As a result, a candidate’s team is no longer the only one spinning out stories. Now ordinary Americans are promoting their presidential picks with a quick click on social platforms. This has brought a new level of transparency to the presidential election process and created a lot of political drama along the campaign trail. shared some of the political highlights and low points captured on social media over the last year.

Chris Christie’s Hit on Hugs


4 Critical Ways Twitter Can Help Your Healthcare Organization

Twitter Can Help Your Healthcare OrgRegardless of whether your healthcare organization is thriving or barely surviving, Twitter can make a major difference in your overall success. The social media platform is already helping healthcare providers share medical information, spread informative articles, and connect with patients and other medical professionals with one quick click. It’s giving healthcare professionals and patients a comfortable, convenient, free forum for healthcare communication. To help healthcare professionals make the most of Twitter, offered these four helpful tips.

1. Connect with Your Community with Unique Hashtags
Hashtags (#) are a fast and easy way to communicate with numerous people about the same topic. It lets your message get shared with the public, encourages open discussion, and increases interest in your practice.


The B2B Digital Marketer’s 2016 Survival Strategy

B2b Marketing 2016
In 2016, the B2B buyer will place as much emphasis on the personal experience as on professional expectations. And business strategies and success will be more data-driven than ever. These were just some of the highlights of Forrester’s 2016 Predictions report, which showed the need for significant shifts in B2B digital marketing strategies. featured the findings from this forecast to help B2B brands and CMOs close in on their marketing missions.

B2B Buyers to Behave Like B2C Consumers
While the customer experience and brand voice have always mattered more to B2C buyers, expect that to change in 2016 as B2B buyers become as affected by the purchasing process as they are by products they purchase. With B2B buyers becoming more empowered, they’re starting to factor the brand’s voice and their customer experience into their purchasing decisions, along with the traditional research, data, and practical considerations.


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