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Carlsberg Brews Up a Beer-Dispensing Billboard

Carlsberg's  Beer-Dispensing BillboardThe Danish brewery, Carlsberg, has served up the perfect chaser to Coke Zero’s drinkable billboard with its new beer-dispensing billboard. In an effort to reach a large round of beer lovers, Carlsberg placed the billboard at The Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane in London. The brand stayed on tap to ensure that all drinkers were over 18 and to prevent any problems from brewing. shared the campaign to show how product-dispensing ads are becoming indispensable in outdoor advertising.

Carlsberg had been searching for a way to increase brand awareness and consumer engagement throughout the UK. They wanted a concept that would create lots of buzz.


Facebook Testing New Way to Ease and Increase Mobile Link Sharing

Facebook and Mobile Link SharingSharing mobile links has long been a multi-step process, but now Facebook is experimenting with an in-app keyword search engine that would let mobile users quickly find articles, websites, and other content to attach to their status updates. This feature would speed and simply mobile link sharing for users, which would likely lead to an increase in link sharing. As a result, the brands and companies that post content and advertise on Facebook would have more opportunities for their postings to be shared, which could greatly increase their web traffic, sales and overall reach by the power of friendly referral. reported on this potential Facebook feature that would make mobile sharing a quick click away.

Facts on This Feature
Facebook is currently testing this in-app keyword search among a small group of iOS users in the U.S. For this testing phase, these users are seeing a new “Add a Link” option beside the buttons to add photos or locations. To use this “Add a Link” button, mobile users simply type in a search query and Facebook will respond with a list of matching links they may want to share. The results appear to be sorted by the sites shared the most, with recently published content given priority. Users can preview the content on those sites and then tap the one they want to share, which adds it to their status with a caption or share statement.


Twitter Testing is Taking Tweets into Google Search

Tweets and Google SearchTwitter thinks it’s time to bring real-time content into Google search, which is why the social media network partnered with the search engine giant to give it greater access to Twitter’s data. Twitter confirmed that it’s currently testing the concept in Google’s mobile search, but made no mention of other plans. posted more on the timely tweets that are starting to show up in search.

Last month, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo said that the company would start testing tweets in Google’s search results in May. Now, these tweets have been seen in search results on Android devices for many trending topics.


Mobile Hotel Bookings Confirmed to Keep Moving Up in 2015

Mobile Hotel Bookings in 2015There’s no need to have any reservations about mobile’s future in hospitality since mobile is expected to account for 35% of online bookings by 2018, according to the November 2014 World Travel Market Global Trends. And this figure doesn’t even factor in travelers who are compelled to call by mobile search. Clearly, mobile is becoming a mainstream method for booking travel today, with 58% of respondents to a Google study saying they would be extremely likely to choose a hotel if they could book it via mobile. posted more on this travel trend of using mobile as a means to both browse and book travel.

Hotels Still Hesitate to Welcome Mobile
Now that mobile has become such a mainstay of modern life, more and more travelers are using it for their trip planning. As a result, the revenue potential for bookings from mobile devices is unlimited. Yet the consumer demand for mobile booking is sadly surpassing its availability. In fact, only 45% of global properties currently accept mobile bookings, according to TripBarometer. If properties care for a share of this limitless revenue and want to keep up with their competitors, hesitant hotels better hurry up and catch up with this mobile momentum.


Facebook Displays New Tools for Developing Audience Network Native Ads

Facebook'sNew Tools for Developing Audience Network Native AdsAdvertisers have experienced great success with the natural flow of native ads on the Facebook Audience Network, so it was only natural for the social media leader to create new tools to ease the development and distribution of those native ads. These tools will help marketers conform to the format of native ads, as well as enable publishers and developers to reach more people beyond the bounds of the social network. explained how these tools should naturally fit the needs of those using the Facebook Audience Network.

New Native Advertising Tools
These tools should make it easier than ever to design and deliver native ads on the Facebook Audience Network. These new tools include: CONTINUE READING THIS CONTENT »

Twitter to Acquire TellApart to Help Advertisers Get More Personal

Twitter to Acquire TellApart Digital advertisers know that the way to get more business is by getting more personal with consumers on their personal devices. To help advertisers give their Twitter ads more of a personal touch and reach consumers across all digital devices, Twitter is in talks to purchase TellApart, a company that specializes in personalized marketing and cross-device re-targeting. In addition to further improving Twitter ads for advertisers, the deal would enhance Twitter’s position in direct response advertising. With the deal close to completion, featured details to show how it would help advertisers target consumers more personally on all of their different devices.

Today, consumers use a variety of digital devices and apps. Since the consumer’s online experience is so diverse, it can be challenging for marketers to reach consumers with personally relevant ads on the appropriate device.


Now You Can Order Domino’s Pizza on Twitter with Emojis

Domino’s tweet to orderDomino’s pizza lovers can now “tweet-to-order” their favorite pies. Starting today, Domino’s customers will be able to order pizza via Twitter. With this new Easy Order system, Domino’s has become the first major brand in the restaurant industry to set up a permanent system on Twitter to place and complete an order. They are following in the footsteps of a number of other brands that are increasingly using social media to ease and expedite e-commerce. posted more on how Domino’s and other brands are reaching for a slice of social e-commerce.

Chew Over Domino’s New Social Order
Domino’s announced this new ordering option by filling up its Twitter feed with countless pizza emojis. When people asked about these symbols, they received a reply of pizza emojis. While this surprised some people at first, Domino’s was simply showing how simple it was to use their Easy Order option.


5 Fascinating Findings on U.S. Hispanic Media Habits

U.S. Hispanic Media HabitsMedia buyers and planners would be wise to tune in to the needs of Hispanics. In just five years, U.S. Hispanics have increased their buying power by 50% to $1.7 trillion. They also stream more video and adopt mobile technology faster than other ethnic segments. These differences make them desirable when planning and handling media buying for the Hispanic market. detailed more of the distinctions that make Hispanics the group to watch.

1. They’re More Accepting of Mobile Advertising
Hispanics have a more positive view of mobile ads than other ethnic segments. In fact, these digital ads were considered valuable and relevant by twice as any of Hispanics as non-Hispanics, according to recent research from Specific Media and SMG Multicultural.


3 Ways Millennials Are Changing CEOs’ Focus

Millennials Are Changing CEOs’ FocusThe Millennials are coming! The Millennials are coming!

For years people have been foretelling this, preparing for us when the large generation born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s reaches adulthood and radically alters how businesses operate.


4 Healthcare Brands That Are Using YouTube Right

With more than 1 billion users and 300 hours of video uploaded every minute, YouTube has clearly moved far beyond being simply a home for user-generated cat clips.

Yet many brands, especially healthcare brands, still haven’t fully embraced the network; in part this is because of lingering weariness, but the hesitancy is also rooted in not knowing exactly where to start.


Facebook Registers Highest Social Logins on Retail Sites

Facebook Registers Highest Social Logins on Retail Sites in first qtr 2015In the first quarter of 2015, 72% of consumers who used an established login on retailer sites entered their Facebook credentials. Impressively, this figure was just as high in the previous quarter, according to social login reports from tech firm Gigya. The social media leader has clearly cornered the market and dominated market share of retail social logins. This affirms the growing trend of Facebook as the social login of choice among consumers. And now that Facebook has further improved its social logins and overall platform to be more useful to consumers and retailers, the social media network is likely to increase its market share even more. posted more to show how Facebook has become the social login leader.

Facebook Carts Off the Competition
Shoppers clearly favor Facebook when using a social login on retail sites. Among consumers who signed into retail sites with a social login in Q1 2015: CONTINUE READING THIS CONTENT »

Coke Zero’s Drinkable Billboard Scores with Basketball Fans

Coke Zero created plenty of hoopla during the NCAA Final Four basketball frenzy with its refreshing drinkable billboard. The billboard appeared at the March Madness Music Festival in Indianapolis’s White River State Park in April. posted more on Coke Zero’s cool outdoor advertising concept.

A Sign of Creativity
The 26-by-36 foot drinkable billboard equaled the height of approximately two-and-a-half basketball hoops and weighed 23,000 pounds. It was created by Ogilvy & Mather New York, in collaboration with IMG LIVE and Specialized Mobile Exhibits.


Google+ Gets On Board with Users’ Interests with Debut of Collections

Google+  Debut of Collections Google+ is taking on Pinterest with its new feature, Collections. Google+ has users’ best interests at heart with Collections. The social media network developed it to allow users and brands alike to create online boards of images, videos, and other content that all relate to certain interests and topics. Similar to Pinterest, these boards become organized “collections” of content that can be can be shared publicly, privately, or with a select set of people. Users can also follow the public collections of others that interest them. Brands and businesses can take full advantage of this new feature as well, creating topic-based boards to showcase their products, services, and industry news. posted more to show how Google+ has gotten on board with this popular online pastime.

A Closer Look at Collections
Collections closely resembles a regular Google+ page, but one that’s focused on a specific topic instead of a person or brand.


Twitter Opens Up Direct Messages to Include Private Conversations

Twitter updates 2015Twitter is easing personal connections between companies and consumers by expanding its Direct Messages feature to include the option for follow-free private conversations. Now, Twitter users can personally and privately communicate with any user at any time, without having to follow each other. By revising the restrictions of Direct Messages, Twitter is making itself more valuable than ever to both brands and consumers by easing and enabling the personal connections that enhance customer service, build better relationships, and boost brand loyalty. This move is also making Twitter even more of a challenge to other social media sites as it continues on its path toward digital domination. gave a closer look at how this update will let Twitter users create closer connections.

A Direct Look at the New Direct Messages


How Collaboration is the Key to Content Creation for Travel Brands

Content Creation for Travel Brands While social media channels may vary in popularity, high-quality content is always craved by customers. And social media sources provide a way to deliver this digital content effectively and efficiently. But before a brand can leverage these social media platforms, they must create compelling content that’s relevant and resonates with their audience and brand. This is especially important for travel and hospitality brands because travelers consider the brand to be a part of their travel experience. That’s why hospitality marketing experts need to create quality content that engages their target travel market, while promoting their brand’s message and driving traffic to their websites. Original content creation can be difficult and time-consuming, yet by collaborating with outside sources, you can develop a cooperative team that seeks and shares quality content. explored ways for travel brands to start a collaborative social media effort that will help to improve their hospitality marketing results.

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