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A Fork in the Digital Road: Why Google and Microsoft Split on Wearable Tech

Last week one technology giant announced a wow-inducing new gadget while another killed its plans to release a similar product.

This story is familiar, of course, but what’s different is which company was stepping forward (Microsoft) and which was stepping back (Google).


BuzzFeed Scores with Adorable “Dear Kitten” Super Bowl Ad

BuzzFeed has created its first TV ad for a brand, and it’s adorably brilliant.

The 60-second TV commercial was developed for Friskies and will air in a few local markets during the Super Bowl. A longer version has already been posted to YouTube.

The spot, which is voiced by viral guru and BuzzFeed Motion Pictures head Ze Frank, features a cat trying to explain the strange Super Bowl behavior of humans to a kitten (“Dear Kitten: Today is going to get weird…”). It’s a TV commercial, but the cuteness and cleverness makes the viewer quickly forget that it’s an ad at all.


Anheuser-Busch Takes a More Provocative Position with Its New Super Bowl Ads

Anheuser-Busch -New Super Bowl AdsAnheuser-Busch is running with a much more aggressive game plan for their Super Bowl ads this year. Their strategy includes three new TV commercials, with two using the usual plays on humor and emotion, and one with the more aggressive goal of boasting that the brand is the best in its field. Taking such a confident tone can be a risky play, but the brewer is proud of its quality and wants the world to know it. covered the highlights.

“We need to move forward, become less predictable and be more surprising to our consumers,” said VP of U.S. marketing, Jorn Socquet. “The Super Bowl is the perfect jumping off point for that strategy.”


James Patterson Takes a Page from Snapchat With a Self-Destructing Novel

James Patterson Novel releaseJames Patterson has taken a page from Snapchat by offering a self-destructing version of his new book, “Private Vegas.” This exploding edition will be sold to one wealthy fan to set off the promotion of this new novel, which is due out on January 26 from Little, Brown and Company. The asking price of $294,038 will certainly burn a hole in the wallet, but this special edition’s amazing ability to self-destruct in 24 hours makes it a hot ticket among the author’s feverish followers. The New York Times posted more about the hottest book on the market today.

The edition’s scorching price tag includes a first-class flight to a secret location, with two nights’ stay at a luxury hotel and a pair of 14-karat gold-plated binoculars. But the highlight of the experience will be a gourmet dinner with Mr. Patterson, who will present the self-destructing edition that will explode just 24 hours after the buyer begins reading it. The details of this fiery finale are a well-guarded secret, but the purchaser can expect to get a visit from the bomb squad.


In Defense of Waiting to Kick Off Super Bowl Ads

keeping super bowl ads under wrapsTime out, advertisers! It may be time for a new advertising game plan. Instead of rushing to air Super Bowl spots days and weeks before the big game, try playing it more secretive and making ads a game-day surprise. The big trend in recent years has been blitzing Super Bowl ads on social media before the game to score publicity. But it may be a better game plan to keep viewers in suspense and make them wait for the big game. That’s what many brands plan this year, with some generating early buzz by posting pre-game teasers. The Wall Street Journal offered support for this secretive side of the coin.

To the advertising industry, the Super Bowl has eclipsed the role of a television event and has turned into own medium. It is now viewed as a public relations integrated marketing campaign, which happens to feature a TV spot.


How the White House Made the State of the Union Social #RiverOfContent

State of the Union #RiverOfContent

A few weeks ago the White House received a handwritten letter from a young boy thanking President Obama for giving “those long boring” State of the Union speeches which “people are just texting” through.


5 Crowdfunding Tips to Help Non-Profits Earn a Crowd of Support

Crowdfunding Tips to Earn a Crowd of SupportCrowdfunding has raised its image as a valuable way to raise non-profit funds. The strategy strives to fund a project through social media and digital efforts to get small donations from a large group of people. It gives non-profits powerful platforms to engage existing donors and acquire new supporters. And these small efforts get big results, making crowdfunding a growing trend. To help your funding efforts truly stand out from the crowd, offered this friendly support.

  1. Personalize Your Plea – Stories inspire more than statistics, which is why personal stories make for compelling campaigns. These stories strike an emotional chord and speak to the heart, as well as the head. And one of the most powerful ways to share a story is via a personal video. Research shows that campaigns that incorporate personal videos raise more than 105% more than those that do not. They give a cause a voice and a view, which moves viewers and moves them to give.


Sneak a Peek at the Top Branded Instagram Videos of 2014

Sneak a Peek at the Top Branded Instagram Videos of 2014Consumers were consumed with Instagram in 2014, and this online obsession paid off for some brands that learned to leverage its video value. This social media space was so big for brands that a weekly chart listed the branded Instagram videos that were most favored by fans. Soon, all the big brands got in on this race and the leaders were listed in eight groups, from high-end fashion to high-speed cars, plus two wild-card segments each week. And once 2014 came to a close, the biggest branded-video hits were ranked by their total likes and comments in an Adweek/Shareablee infographic. To see which branded Instagram videos were the ones to watch in 2014, listed the leaders.


Facebook Goes to Work at the Office

Facebook Work at the OfficeAs recently reported, Facebook has been working on the launch of a new workplace product aimed at the enterprise market. The product that looks and acts just like Facebook, lets businesses create their own social media networks for employees. According to TechCrunch, “Facebook at Work,” the website version, and “Work,” the app for Android and iOS, officially launched last week.

Initially aimed at companies with 100 or more employees, Facebook at Work allows staff to collaborate using the same familiar interface they use to connect with their social contacts.


7 Ways Mobile Devices Have Changed E-Commerce

By now, we are all well aware that mobile devices are rapidly transforming business, in particular the world of e-commerce. However, pinning down which of these changes really matter, and why, is often a struggle.

The rise of smartphones, tablets, and phablets has led to so many shifts—from little tweaks (such as the need for bigger, clearer fonts) to huge strategic moves (the current payment wars)—that just keeping track of it all can feel overwhelming. Trying to draw the right strategic lessons is even more daunting.


How Frank Perdue Made Quality the Feather in His Cap

Frank Perdue marketing
Frank Perdue was fanatical about chicken. He knew that the quality of his product would determine the quality of his business and believed that the secret to doing well was doing everything well. Perdue’s obsession with quality allowed his business to become a household name. His life was filled with lessons that would benefit companies today by showing that ensuring quality in every aspect of your business would provide customers with a quality experience that would win their lasting loyalty. The new book, “Tough Man, Tender Chicken: Business and Life Lessons from Frank Perdue” by Mitzi Perdue shares insight on Mr. Perdue’s passions directly from the copywriter for his ad campaigns, Ed McCabe. recently shared this enlightening excerpt.

According to the book, Mr. Perdue’s passion extended to his advertising.


What Speeds By Faster than BMWs? Their Snapchat Ads.

bmw SnowchatBMW’s cars race quickly past your eyes and now their ads will, too. To drive their brand toward Millennials, who are known for their short attention spans, the luxury automaker is following the lead of the blink-and-you-miss-it Snapchat by launching a brand-new social media campaign and website called Snowchat (with the help of agency Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners). BMW is well aware that Millennials love the Snapchat style, so they wanted their concept to reflect that format. gave a short-and-sweet summary.

On the Snowchat site, users will find an image of a BMW whose windshield is covered in snow. But users can make virtual artwork right on that show-sheathed windshield by simply swiping their finger across a touchscreen or with the click of a mouse. And they can share their artwork via social media and email. But five seconds after their message is seen, the design disappears forever.


How Digital is Delivering a Much Larger Audience to Newspapers

Digital is Delivering a Larger Audience to Newspapers			Digital has helped newspapers turn the page from their traditional format and evolve into a modern medium that suits our high-tech times. In August 2014, newspaper access reached an all-time high as a whopping 80% of online U.S. adults accessed newspaper digital content. And audience engagement also hit new heights with an 18% year-over-year increase in the audience engaged with this digital content. These were just few of the favorable findings from a new study by the Newspaper Association of America conducted by comScore. featured more from the study to show the power of digital access is keeping newspapers growing and going strong.

Newspaper is Still Making Headlines and Headway


The Fat Has Hit the Fryer with Controversial New McDonald’s Ad

Does McDonald’s deserve a break today for its new TV ad? Critics say it’s in bad taste, but advertisers think it’s golden. The new advertising campaign features some of the many messages placed on signs under its Golden Arches through the years. Some of the featured messages announce births and weddings, while others reference national tragedies like 9/11 and the Columbia space shuttle explosion. Some call the ad insensitive, but ad execs think it’s ingenious. explained why only some people are lovin’ it.

The ad campaign is designed to evoke an emotional response and a sense of nostalgia that reminds people how McDonald’s has been a part of their lives through all of these experiences.


Find Amber Alerts on Facebook

To ensure that no opportunity is missed to find a missing child, Facebook will start delivering Amber Alerts through its News Feed. Beginning next Tuesday, Facebook will be partnering with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children to pinpoint alerts by location and then post them on the timelines of users nearby. Since Facebook comes face-to-face with 185 million U.S. users, this feature should greatly increase the chances that children will be found. sought out all of the details.

Facebook will post all available information, including photos and personal details. Buttons on the Amber Alert will enable Facebook users to share this urgent information with all of their Facebook friends and contacts. Users can also get the updates and news, plus the missing-child poster through a prominent “Learn More” button right on the alert.