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How Advertising on Instagram Can Help Healthcare Providers Thrive

nstagram and healthcare marketingWith Instagram’s global popularity, healthcare providers should keep their finger on the pulse of this visually valuable network. Instagram is a photo and video sharing service and its more than 300 million monthly active users provide healthy exposure for businesses. Now that the mobile app offers advertising, hospitals and practices should consider using Instagram in their social media marketing efforts to advertise their services and reach new patient markets. To learn how Instagram advertising operates and enhance your healthcare marketing outcomes, shared these healthy hints.

A Thorough Examination of Instagram Ads
Instagram advertising is similar to Facebook’s format for ads in the way it provides a call-to-action button for every image or video posted. This button can direct mobile users to your landing page, website, or blog. Once they’ve been re-directed, they can get more information about the picture posted and possibly become a new patient.


5 Ways Millennials Get First-Class Travel Treatment Today

Millennials and Travel Travel has come of age—the digital age, that is—to make traveling more enjoyable for the Millennial market. This younger group of travelers wants digital convenience and meaningful experiences, so travel brands are striving to meet these modern needs. For five ways that Millennials are getting more from travel, shared a look at their travel upgrades.

1. Hotels Accommodate Younger Guests
Hotels know that Millennials are their next generation of guests, so they’re creating new features and formats to meet their younger needs in the hope of securing their long-term loyalty. Traditional, global brands like Marriott, Hilton, and Hyatt are developing new sub-brands with Millennial-friendly features. They’re attracting younger travelers with fast and free Wi-Fi, high-tech accommodations, stylish design, and social media elements.


The Buyer Journey: A Shift in Media Budgets

the Buyer) JourneyInvest a moment discovering the shift in modern marketing. Today, chief marketing officers (CMOs) are moving their budgets from primarily customer acquisition into customer retention and advocacy. This budgeting behavior was recently revealed in research conducted by The CMO Club and IBM. Then, it was compiled into an infographic called Marketing is a (Buyer) Journey, Not a Destination. It highlights that CMOs plan to increase their budgets by 57%, as well as shift their attention and allocation to the overall customer journey instead of singular channels. This shift reflects how customers are communicating with brands on multiple media channels and investing more time in the purchase process. To see how CMOs plan to spend and shift their budgets, presented the main research results in a very valuable infographic. Spend a little time reviewing its most worthwhile findings.

The Value in Spreading the Spending
According to a study, a majority of CMOs are open to distributing their budgets through every stage of the buying cycle, as shown by these findings: CONTINUE READING THIS CONTENT »

3 Signals That Beacons Are Triggering Results in Retail Marketing

Beacons and Retail Marketing ResultsBeacons are prompting retailers toward greater in-store success. These geo-location digital devices are engaging shoppers with relevant retail promotions to enhance the in-store experience. Beacons provide precise proximity marketing to retailers trying to reach shoppers in modern mobile ways. Their proven performance has rapidly led to worldwide acceptance and adoption. In fact, a recent Airspace study revealed that 99% of U.K brands are considering using proximity marketing within 2015, with 79% of those retailers plan to use it the next few months. reported on how beacons can help retailers locate success.

1. Leading to Marketing Measurement and Tracking
Beacons guide retailers directly to marketing campaign results. They make it easier to measure the impact of ads by enabling marketers to send relevant promotions and messages to customers who enter specific areas of a store. Then, marketers can monitor customers’ buying behaviors to see if their messages and campaigns are effective.


4 Reasons Why Luxury Brands Can’t Afford to Ignore Online Video

Luxury Brands and Online Video Luxury brands have spent most of their time and ad budgets on traditional forms of media, like magazines, billboards, and television advertising. But over time, these brands have become frustrated by their time and targeting limits. As a result, more and more luxury brands prefer online video ads. revealed the reasons why luxury brands think video advertising is top-of-the-line.

1. People Love Having the Luxury of Online Video
According to recent research, upscale consumers prefer video ads to all other forms of advertising. People love its creativity and its social shareability. Knowing that people like spending their time watching online video ads, video has become the second most-used approach by luxury brands to engage their fans and followers.


Are You Making These 5 Holiday Remarketing Mistakes?

Top 5 Holiday Remarketing MistakesIs there any debate over the effectiveness of remarketing? No way. So why are so many advertisers making the same five mistakes over and over again, costing themselves inordinate sums of money that could otherwise have been used to support ROI? The answer is simple—a lack of setting goals and not using data to make informed decisions about the effectiveness of remarketing efforts. As advertisers gear up for Cyber Monday and the ensuing holiday online shopping season, don’t get caught making these five remarketing mistakes.

1. Not Understanding Your Audience
The worst offenders fall into this category on a regular basis. Successful remarketing strategies rely on effective audience targeting, which is remarkably easy if you take the time to leverage the demographic tools at your disposal. For starters, if you’re running retargeting campaigns on the Google Display Network (GDN), you have access to Audience Insight Reports. These vibrant statistical visualizations provide a wealth of data that can help refine ad messaging or shift targeting emphasis to a demographic that’s likely to convert.


How Hotels are Reserving Room for Beacons to Better Accommodate Guests

Beacons and hotelsMore and more hotels are seeing that beacons are here to stay. Beacons are a simple technology that uses Bluetooth low-energy systems to transmit special identifiers. When used with a mobile app, beacons provide a wealth of location-based data. They can signal a person’s precise location, monitor their movements, and prompt the delivery of a digital message. Beacons enable hotels to provide more personalized service and understand guest preferences without additional staff or support. They also increase guest acceptance of a hotel’s app. explained the many rewards that beacons offer hotels and guests.

Hotels are Greeting Beacons
Today, beacons are common in retail, and now they’re quickly gaining acceptance from hotels around the world. While beacons in retail mainly focus on sending deals to shoppers, hotels should use this technology in a less promotional way. It’s better for hotels to first use beacons to make guests feel welcome, rather than sending them offers to buy and try. Of course, occasionally sending guests relevant offers based on their preferences and behaviors will certainly be appreciated, the primary purpose of beacons should be better service, not better sales.


Why The Rise of Ad Blockers Is Good for Advertisers

Ad Blockers are Good for marketersThe ad blockers are coming! The ad blockers are coming!

Ever since Apple announced in September that it would allow ad-blocking software in its App Store, there has been a steady stream of frenzied pieces in the press about the impact of the move. TIME captured this dark mood perfectly with an article simply titled: “Here’s How Apple Could Change the Web Forever.”


How Community Involvement Benefits Companies

Community involvement can help a business go the distance. Even companies that think globally can act locally by getting involved in a community. No wonder businesses of every size are making community service a part of their business objectives. shared how a company’s community service can serve a business well.


2015 Trends: How Digital and Social Media Have Transformed Nonprofits [Infographic]

Digital and Social Media Have Transformed Nonprofits [Infographic]What impact have digital platforms and social networks had on charitable donations this year? Which key developments should nonprofits be paying close attention to?

MDG’s new infographic—2015 Trends: How Digital and Social Media Have Transformed Nonprofits—examines the ways in which fresh channels are quickly, and dramatically, changing how people engage with organizations. The graph highlights recent data showing the rapid growth of digital giving, how various channels are performing, and which tactics hold the most future promise.


5 Marketing Trends to Help Hospitals and Physicians Thrive

Trends to Help Hospitals Thrive

Many hospitals and healthcare brands find that their business suffers due to a lack of effective marketing. But the way to stay competitive is to always have your finger on the pulse of the latest healthcare marketing trends and put them into action. Luckily, compiled the most current marketing tactics to aid healthcare brands in developing a healthy marketing strategy.


The 7 Wonders in the World of Online Engagement for Hotels

 Online Engagement for HotelsJust as travelers are always looking to discover new places, hotel marketers should always be searching to explore new digital platforms and practices to increase their online engagement and boost their bookings. But with so many options, it can be challenging to determine which methods and models are best. Luckily, shared the seven top digital discoveries for reaching and resonating with travelers and arriving at more bookings.

1. The Brand Website is Your Place of Pride
A brand’s website offers complete control over how the brand presents itself. It can be used to display a brand’s qualities, describe its offerings, promote special offers, share the latest news and happenings, update guests on available rooms, let guests book online, feature the latest social posts, and link guests to social media.


Instagram Launches New Stand-Alone GIF App, Boomerang

Instagram GIF App, BoomerangInstagram is clearly in the loop about consumers’ love of GIFS. These short-and-sweet looping videos suit users’ short attention spans and love of visual content. To meet users’ endless demand for GIFs, Instagram has launched a new stand-alone app for iPhone and Android called Boomerang that lets people make their own endlessly looping, short videos and easily share them on Instagram. explained how the app plays to users’ interests.

Boomerang makes creating GIFs fast and easy. With the push of a button, Boomerang takes a series of photos and then compiles them into a high-quality, short video. The video can be played either forward or backward, and in landscape or portrait mode. Then, the video can be shared with users’ friends on Instagram.


What Marketers Will Find from Facebook’s New Search Update

Facebook’s New Search Update Facebook’s latest search update called Search FYI will provide users with personalized search suggestions, but what will be the net result for marketers? With Facebook’s newest update to its search function, the social giant will now deliver personalized search results that include posts from the whole Facebook community, along with timely topics and current events. Users will find that it adds the convenience of search to social media, while marketers discover new ways to share their content and connect with consumers. shared more on how the social search update will give social media marketing experts more links to consumers.

The Timeline of Facebook’s Search Evolution
Approximately one year ago, Facebook updated its search function to provide search results that included posts from a user’s family, friends, and other social connections. But Search FYI expands on that search functionality by returning search results from everyone on Facebook.


Discover How The Look Of Your Logo Both Colors and Shapes Perception [Infographic]

If you want your brand to convey a friendly and affordable image, you’ll have it made in the shade with an orange logo. And if you’re striving to target a female market, then circle in on a round logo. These were two of findings featured in a new infographic, “What the Color of Your Logo Says About Your Company,”

by Canadian plastic-card producer, Colorfast, which was featured in The graphic revealed the power and persuasion of color, shape, and font on the consumer’s view of a business.


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