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A Salute to the Most Patriotic American Brands

Most Patriotic American BrandsCertain American brands have earned their patriotic stripes and turned into stars in the eyes of consumers. A recent study conducted by Brand Keys examined which well-known U.S. brands were perceived to be the most American. With Independence Day just a short time away, shared results from the study to honor the American brands that truly stand for the U.S.A. today.

Every year, many brands celebrate Independence Day by showing their American spirit through marketing efforts and social media outreach. These campaigns are filled with American flags, stars and stripes, and the colors of red, white, and blue.


How to Rate the ROI of Your Social Media Marketing

ROI of Social Media MarketingThe way to justify a big budget for social media marketing is by showing that your efforts turn out a return on investment. But measuring ROI on social media can be challenging, unless you know the right tactics and tools for the task. Luckily, offered these tips to tell if your social media marketing is paying off in ROI.

Understand Your Brand Perception
You need to always know what people are saying and spreading about your brand both on your social media pages and across the entire Web. Luckily, there are many tools that can track a brand’s social mentions Web-wide to determine an increase in its online visibility.


Get Inspired with These Eye-Popping, Jaw-Dropping Print Ads

amazing print ads
Print advertising is a powerful medium that can touch the heart, inspire the mind, and stir the soul with a single image. Advertisers know this all too well, which is why print has remained relevant for connecting with consumers. With print advertising, an idea can leave a lasting impression both on the page and in the mind. By using print as part of your promotional mix, an idea can become an indelible image that both gets a reaction and sparks action. Yet coming up with creative concepts doesn’t always come so easily. featured some awe-inspiring print advertising as motivation for inspiration.


Have You Heard the News About Google’s New YouTube Newswire?

Google’s New YouTube NewswireGoogle is making news by looking to users to capture the news. The search engine giant recently launched a service called YouTube Newswire to show eyewitness video footage of current events seen and shared by users. Such user-generated news clips have become popular on YouTube. This led Google to want to feature this footage to help users find relevant news clips. The search engine also hopes that YouTube Newswire will be seen as a trusted resource for journalists to enhance their own news coverage. aired more on this newsworthy video service.

Full Coverage of News Coverage
In recent years, YouTube has enabled people to share and watch the world’s biggest and breaking news stories. It’s become the first place that many people look to stay current on current events.


Small Ads Will Be a Big Thing for Smartwatches

Small Ads and SmartwatchesThe time has come for advertisers to get wise to the smartwatch. Watch for advertising spending on smartwatches to soar to $68.6 million by 2019, according to a new study from Juniper Research. This will be a substantial rise over its estimated $1.5 million ad spend this year. This growth will be driven by the arrival of respected brands like Apple into the smartwatch market. While smartwatches hold big advertising potential, they also have smaller screens. That’s why now it’s the time for advertisers to develop smaller ad formats so they’re ready to engage watch-wearers at a moment’s notice. featured more of this very timely research.

As smartwatches rapidly evolve, watch for the emergence of an additional viewing screen. This should greatly increase advertising interest by increasing opportunity. Yet until such advances are accepted by a large market, most digital advertising spending will focus on ad hoc efforts.


Facebook Shares the Future Face of Its Mobile Ads

Facebook has a vision for the view of tomorrow’s mobile advertising. The company previewed its mobile concept at Cannes Lions in France. The anticipated mobile ad format would show advertiser content in the same way it now displays publisher content. For now, this is just a premise and not a promise, but it’s an inspiring indication of how Facebook mobile ads may look. For a peek at how these mobile ads would serve the interests of social media marketing experts, shared this virtual vision.


Why LinkedIn is Still the Social Media Leader for B2B Marketers

LinkedIn is the Social Media Leader for B2B MarketersSocial media marketing is good business for B2B brands. Yet today, the popularity of paid programmatic marketing has shifted the social media landscape from free to fee-based placement. As a result, B2B brands must carefully consider their channels and choices when investing their social media marketing budgets. Rather than spend time and money on widespread social coverage, it’s wiser to for B2B marketers to opt for the social media networks that provide the right response. So which social media platform is the right site for B2B advertising? It looks like LinkedIn continues to lead the way for B2B social activity, according to the B2B Content Marketing 2015 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends report by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs. The report found that the professional social media network was deemed the most effective for B2B marketing, with 94% of B2B marketers using LinkedIn to distribute content. featured more on why LinkedIn has remained the top performer for B2B social media marketing.

LinkedIn Lands Above All Others
LinkedIn’s professional focus has always given it the distinction as the social media network that works for businesses. While social networks like Facebook and Twitter also house B2B accounts, these networks originally had the perception of catering more to consumers than businesses. While Facebook and Twitter have shattered that image by evolving to include business-focused features, LinkedIn is still viewed as the most effective social media platform for taking care of B2B business.


Watch a Pizza Hut Box Become a Movie Projector

Pizza Hut Box Becomes a Movie ProjectorPizza Hut has given “dinner and a movie” a whole new meaning. In Hong Kong, the pizza chain is placing its pizzas in specially designed boxes that transform into mock movie projectors. And each box comes with a movie, courtesy of a movie download via a QR code. There are four different boxes, each appealing to a different taste in movies, There’s “Fully Loaded” for action fans, “Slice Night” for horror buffs, “Hot & Ready” for hopeless romantics, and “Anchovy Armageddon” for science-fiction freaks. posted more on this appealing advertising concept.

The boxes were designed by Ogilvy Hong Kong with a perforated, pop-out hole on the side of the box. They come with a special pizza table that gets used as the projector’s lens. By slipping the lens into the pop-out hole, pizza patrons can use the pizza table’s legs to hold up their smartphone in the box. Then, they can download the movie to their smartphones and its display can be enlarged on a wall to view the film while they feast.


Mazda Drives Out the TV Ad of a Lifetime

Our cars drive us through both the miles and milestones of our lives. Mazda captured this sentiment in their new “Driving Matters” TV commercial for their 2016 MX-5 Miata. It takes a sentimental look back at the car-related milestones in one man’s life. The campaign was created by WPP’s The Garage/Team Mazda to form an emotional tie between the pure pleasure of driving and the Mazda brand. As the man’s life story unfolds on the screen and reveals his Mazdas at each age and stage, the emotional link is driven home by the ad’s touching voiceover by Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul. Featured as AdWeek’s Ad of the Day, posted more on this moving Mazda campaign.

The ad steers viewers through the turning points in one man’s life, which are all reflected in the Mazdas he drives. These include getting his first Mazda as a teenager, falling in love in a Mazda convertible, and putting his kids in a Mazda mid-size wagon. The man’s story is shared in a sweet rhyme and his emotions are reflected in the tone of the voiceover. The TV ad closes with the familiar “Zoom, Zoom” slogan, which Mazda has retained for 15 years.


Nestlé is the First Brand to Indulge in Streaming Periscope Content

Nestlé Streaming Periscope Content

I scream, you scream, we all scream for live streams! That’s how Nestlé hopes consumers will feel after viewing their new Periscope livestreaming campaign for their Drumstick ice cream brand. Periscope is a livestreaming video app recently acquired by Twitter that allows users to live stream video with the push of a button. Some social media influencers are have become popular Periscope personalities with a huge social media following. While Twitter has yet to offer Periscope ads, Nestlé scoped out a solution by creating a Periscope video campaign comprised of social media video clips to promote their Drumstick ice cream cones. This makes Nestlé the very first brand to develop a sponsored Periscope stream. shared more on the campaign that is ushering in a whole new scope of Periscope brand marketing.


Find the Latest on Instagram’s Updated Explore and Search Features

Instagram’s Updated Explore and Search Features
Instagram is all about discovery, which led the photo-sharing app to add new features and functionality that make it easier to discover the latest and greatest happenings, highlights, and places through the most current photos and videos. To help users visually and virtually experience the latest live events, Instagram revamped its Explore page and enhanced its search capabilities to make it easier to find images on any and every subject. shared how Instagram improvements will bring more live events into people’s lives.

Explore What’s New Now
Instagram revamped its Explore page to display the most newsworthy and buzzworthy images from events both around the world and in users’ regions of the country. A special algorithm will discover the top-trending tags and happenings in real time, and then present those images to users. This will highlight collections of the newest and most notable photos and videos curated by Instagram.


What Travelers Seek from Mobile Hotel Apps

mobile hotel appsAs more travelers look to book their trips on various mobile devices, hospitality marketing experts need to respond to this mass mobile booking. To steer marketers on the right path, a recent Key Lime Interactive report described the factors that matter to travelers when planning their trips via mobile hotel apps. According to the report, travelers want a personalized experience, last-minute offers, and a streamlined mobile process. featured more on what it takes to attract mobile business.

Personalized to Preferences
According to the report, travelers booking trips on mobile apps want very targeted results, as well as options that let them sort their results to their personal preferences. understands the importance of personalization and designed its mobile site to steer customers through three separate screens to set up their travel preferences.


Why Social Media is Ideal for Sharing a Shared Passion

Social Media and Shared PassionsPeople are passionate about many things and tend to seek out others who share their devotion and emotion. And they often find those fellow fans and fanatics in social media communities. Today, these social media communities provide places for people intent on an interest to talk about the topics that pique their interest. These communities can also be used by brands to both promote their products and increase their reach among people with a passion for their specialty. The latest example is @TwitterFood, which should feed the needs of foodies looking to share their fixation with food. Twitter’s official blog featured more on its new foodie community, which shows how social media offers ways to connect with like-minded markets.

The Dish on @TwitterFood
On @TwitterFood, foodies will find the food-centric content they crave. From beautiful pictures of tempting meals to quick cooking demos and 140-character recipes, this new Twitter account provides a forum for foodies to share their love of food. It’s also a place for food brands, celebrity chefs, and foodie publications to promote their tempting offerings.


How Marketing Can Help Hospitals Dispense a Better Patient Experience

Marketing and the patient experienceHealthcare providers have traditionally been in control of the medical relationship. But today with the Internet, this relationship has been reversed and patients are more empowered than ever. Now, patients can research, compare, and judge hospitals and healthcare providers with a few quick clicks. This lets patients learn about medical care from the experiences of others. This feedback is very powerful and affects a patient’s choices for care. To ensure positive word-of-mouth and keep people coming in for care, healthcare providers must deliver the best patient experience possible. Health organizations should follow the lead of other businesses and use their healthcare marketing to improve the experience they provide to patients. featured ways to ensure a healthy patient experience.

Run a Reliable Operation
Healthcare is a human-focused service. Unfortunately, healthcare providers are also human and can sometimes be exhausted and inconsistent. But since patients expect their healthcare providers to be reliable and consistent, it’s vital to train all employees to provide reliable care and be accurate in all medical matters for every patient, every time.


The Science of Brands on Instagram [Infographic]

Infographic: The Science of Brands on Instagram

While Instagram appears to be about posting artful images, there’s actually a science to using Instagram in social media marketing that savvy brands have learned and it’s led them to greater engagement. To uncover the secrets of this science, Kissmetrics created an infographic that tracks the time-tested tactics that have helped numerous brands get engagement down to a science. posted this graphic, and it’s greatest engagement discoveries are all featured below.


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