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A Look Inside StumbleUpon’s Paid Discovery [Infographic]

A Look Inside StumbleUpon's Paid Discovery
StumbleUpon has gained great popularity as a service for finding new and interesting Web pages, videos, and photos on over 500 topics that are recommended by others with similar interests. The service boasts more than 25 million users who are extraordinarily engaged, devoted, and likely to spend countless hours exploring the sticky site. While StumbleUpon’s value as an informative online resource is clear, its usefulness as a marketing tool is finally being realized by the more than 75,000 advertisers affiliated with the service. To demonstrate its many marketing benefits, and created this infographic. It shows some stunning statistics, such as that 80% of all ad ratings from users are positive and that the service delivers 10 clicks for every one click generated by other advertising platforms. It also illustrates how paid discovery provided over 17 billion seconds of brand engagement last year, with that figure poised to soar each year. For a peek at how StumbleUpon can work to an advertiser’s advantage, check out the following infographic.

A Look Inside StumbleUpon's Paid Discovery

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